NEM platform to monitor the values of Wireless Temperature Sensor

Any example which helps me to use nem platform to access the wireless sensors network using smartphones.

I am using Wireless Temperature sensor transmitting the data to gateway device which monitors the temperature readings of shipping containers using wireless personal area network.

I am looking for internet friendly solution which connects the sensor network online and performs the data analytics.


unless it’s important you can look at past temperates you shouldn’t use a blockchain for this. Blockchains are good at getting a historical record and be sure it wasn’t tampered with. Anything else is wanting to use blockchain for the sake of using blockchain.

I’m doing something similar. With this particular sensor, it looks like you need a gateway device to receive the data. As @memario said, you should be using the blockchain to verify the integrity of the data. I would suggest the gateway device receiving readings from multiple sensors, and if they meet a threshhold, then a transaction could be made to the blockchain signifying the consensus from the different sensors.

If you really wanted to get fancy, look in to multi-signature transactions, and how multiple devices can fit into that :wink:

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Hey, thanks for suggestion, Is there any desktop client also available for windows ?
I am receiving the values of wireless sensors from wireless modem which uses 900hp-s3b-Pro device connected with USB port.

I assume you can use these values in anyway?

You can setup a simple C# CLI or a winforms app to read the serial port, and use the NEM C# SDK to interface with the blockchain :slight_smile: There is ready-made desktop client, I think you could make that pretty easily with the above tools ^^