NEM Symbol - Community Stress Test planned for 28th Jan 2021

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Does that mean there will be no official statement after the NEMTus test? All insights how the test has runned and if at all and what are the issues are? I would ask you please to make an statement/report after the NEMTus test even if you dont know is there are serius issues or not. I think the community has rights to know it in first place as well as the team members, or I think some concers about insider thoughts will come out again from NEMbers just like it was last time. Please.

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Insights on how the testing ran, what issues were found etc will be known by the people running it and logging them (the community).

Im sure the NemTus team have a plan for summarising how it all went and I am happy to support with that. NGL is not running the test and wont have any non public info on how it ran.

If anything extra is known short term we will communicate it but I dont expect to have much if anything to add until any issues are looked at. Hence the statement above.

I agree the community does have a right to know…and has a mechanism to do so, as stated above…all the issues are logged in public on Slack and/or Github and the community is running and monitoring the test.

There is (and has been) no inside info as suggested, it takes time to look at issues as they are occur, understand them and be able to clearly communicate what happened/can be fixed.

It is also worth noting that everyone is free and encouraged to contribute to that process. The code is open, issues are open, nodes can be run and debugged by anyone with the skills/interest to do so. The “official” tech teams do that and communicate as soon as practical while doing it, other developers in the community also do it and submit fixes for issues.


The NEM2Slack has not been very active lately.
Hopefully there will be a few more participants.


I agree, I would like to see more participants in Slack.

Some people may have seen the recent update from NEMTus on Twitter/website/telegram:

The process to get to the Testfest has been (simplified in my own brain)

  1. NEMTus created the tooling for the original test, and updated it over the past few weeks for this one, the tools were tested as part of this

  2. Some pre-testing was done by NEMTus over the past 1-2 days to allow the public test to run smoothly

  3. The public Testfest runs on 28th.

An issue has been found at step two (yesterday) and has now been reproduced by NEMTus on Testnet. As I understand it, testing will continue as planned but try and avoid that known issue, the issue is being looked at by the tech teams.

The issue can be followed here:


How can i create an email with domain so i can follow this? Or slack is only for teammebers?

2 Likes doesnt need a email address and is publicly available.

I’ll ask someone to track down an invite link and post it

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You should be able to join via this link


Thank you it works for me!

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The community test ran successfully today, load was sustained for approx 3.5 hours

Final tweet as it closed from NEMTus is below. @h-gocchi and the NEMTus team will now absorb and summarise the results and post them so they can be assessed.

Final tweet:

This was a really well run event and a credit to everyone involved, it ran smoothly, was well attended and definitely put the network under load, which for the most part appears to have run well under load (the known issue was reproduced at the end of the test successfully and on purpose, to allow further investigation on it).

Next Steps

  1. NEMTus will collate and report findings, and post publicly when done
  2. Tech teams will assess the findings and work out if anything is critical etc and post findings
  3. Snapshot and Launch will be assessed but entirely dependent on point 1 and 2.

It is likely to take until early next week for point 1 and 2 to happen and point 3 won’t happen until they are complete and any resolution is known (if resolution is needed)


I have said many times, the next launch date you announce should be a confirmed date. We no longer need a launch schedule that includes the possibility of delays. Let’s be clear about this.


How long does it take at least to start symbol?

Good job!

I’m confused if you actually want the price to go up. Continuing to spew fake FUD doesn’t help. Maybe try being a little more positive. Good for your mental health :+1:

Quick update on the “Daoka-Canon” issue that affected some harvesting nodes.

The issue has been identified and a resolution is being tested over the weekend. It is likely we will issue a patch release prior to the final NGL Stress Test to resolve that issue beforehand, further updates early next week.


How long does the final NGL Stress Test plan to last and what kind of testing will be done?

I have one more question to add.
From what I can see on Github, the desktop wallet still has a lot of bugs. I can’t distinguish between launch-impacting and non-launch-impacting bugs. However, I just know that there are many bugs.

The development progress of the wallet seems to be slow. Can those problems be resolved before the scheduled launch date in February?

How is the iOS version coming along?

Once again, please report on the development status and future of the wallet.

Once the test starts it takes 2-3 days and will be the same testing we ran when the network was reset and before it was released publicly (to ensure the tests still give the same behaviour).

We are currently awaiting the NEMTus report before we plan our next test, in the meant time we are also preparing a patch release which is going through regression testing right now. It contains a fix for the “Daoka-Canon” and also few REST/SDKs ones which will help with Multi Sig and Delegated harvesting experience in the Wallet.

From what I can see on Github, the desktop wallet still has a lot of bugs. I can’t distinguish between launch-impacting and non-launch-impacting bugs. However, I just know that there are many bugs.

It has many issues open, but a lot are minor tweaks, opinions or feature requests. The improtant ones are labelled with P1 or P2.

Development on the wallet was very fast for 1-2 months, we put most of the team on it to recover the delivery, it has slowed down as we moved people back onto other things like supernode programme etc. Some of the team have moved back onto wallet last week. We expect to provide another release of the wallet’s later this week which should resolve some of the P2s and the Multi Sig + Delegated Harvesting should be much improved. We just need to get through the Server + REST + SDK patch release above first.

Can those problems be resolved before the scheduled launch date in February?

The P1 and most of the P2 issues yes, the others will be looked at post launch or put into roadmap items (enhancements etc)

How is the iOS version coming along?

The iOS and Android versions have been being worked on by a separate team and are making good progress, the next release relies on some of the REST fixes noted above, so it will also be released at the same time as the desktop wallet is the plan.


in every relationship the number 1 important is “trust”… we have trust at nem, but i think we can’t afford for another delay or postpone…that’s too much, nem have many supporters worldwide specially in japan, but once the trust is broke it can’t never be back, it will be forever…

Thank you for your answer.

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