proposal to fund Catapult development for a year with budget of 21M XEM (0.61% of reserves)


I. this proposal? Its Tech only. First option in @Jaguar0625 tweet poll today :


Until other proposals are funded we are going to do exactly what they’ve plan regarding Catapult development and nothing else, and exactly same people will do it, people from NEM Labs and NEM Foundation. Any extra funding left (e.g. when other proposals are funded and start paying developers), funds will be used to expand same effort - development. HR process will be transparent and opened for everyone. We are opened to include more candidstes as it will give us best talent.


This just makes everything more insane…it’s gonna be the same people working on it as in the other proposal ? Then why is there a third proposal?
Also how are the other proposals not funded? They literally were just approved to receive funding. If that means they aren’t funded, then why would this one be funded, in the event it got approved ?

What on earth has to happen for this trainwreck to finally start moving ?

Is it possible that this is some sort of meta shitpost ?


Your proposal brings nothing new but just adds confusion.
If you really want to help with NEM development, you should just work with them behind the scenes and not submit another proposal.


This proposal has got to be a joke…:man_facepalming:


I think maybe you don’t understand the role of the community vote. It was just an opinion poll. The community doesn’t have access to the funds sought by the earlier proposals.

If this proposal passed the community vote, it would make the core devs take it seriously (presumably).


I think that you misunderstand the proposal.

The community wants Catapult, first and foremost. Misha, like many others, thinks that the 12 million funding “approved” for the Foundation and Labs is too risky for NEM’s sustainability and so he is proposing a much leaner approach. He’s suggesting a budget of $1 million for catapult development, only 10% of the budget currently accepted by the community. Then he will pay the people that the other projects are presuming to hire, without paying all the c-suite salaries.

If, as the community expects, catapult release will help the token price, doesn’t it make more sense to do catapult only and fund the other auxiliary projects when the token price is on firmer ground and when there is a product in place? This will be a marathon, not a sprint.

Still waiting on detail from Misha. Who is in the team, what competences do they have, what are the budgets, positions, projects etc.


Only employees and contractors who are involved in Catapult development will be funded and a fraction of funds required by other proposals will be required to pay them (this proposal is 10 times less then one from NEM Foundation but will support devs both from Nvm Labs and NEM Foundation). We want development to continue nonstop, that’s our main intention and next we see how to scale development within reasonable budget.


We’ve been with NEM for quite awhile and got other candidates who have required skills. Once again we are publishing this without list of team exactly because we are opened to expand list of candidates and we don’t state that proposal requires specific individuals to be on a payroll. We identified requirements and hunted for great candidates and are ready to give as many of them as we can to core devs. @maxp is one of us who e.g did that helped a lot during our biggest crisis last year. I am happy to say that out list already grows with help of this proposal.


Two teams that balance different areas in the development of such an important project as Catapult(public) are good and can be meaningfully coordinated. Anything beyond that is welcome, but should not be funded by the community. I assume that all developers who really want to contribute are welcomed with open arms by both.


They have qite specific cap on how much they are ready to spend on developers and a very specific speed of team growth. That’s where we see improvement we can give in in case / after they’ll get funded.


We did it for years now and even on this unformed them and explained our concerns and that our labor purpose is to help their development plans come true ASAP without any risks.


I think this is a totally disrespect to the people from the NF (Alex, exco and council) + Nem Labs team who worked in a detail proposal and get a massive YES from the community.
As Kailin said to me and other once, The fact that they have done positive things in the past for NEM does not mean that we have to forgive them what they have done wrong’" That was during the discussions with Travel Bybit milestones.
Well Misha maybe contributed when he started in Nem Foundation but then he fucked up everything in Venezuela with the PETRO and other stuff + some public details which where revealed during elections.
Sorry but I can’t trust a guy like this, this is not serious, this is not a proposal, this is joke and charade.

  1. Until either NEM Foundation, NEM Labs funding is not allocated developers from their team who contribute to Catapult release will be paid from funds of We will communicate with their management to coordinate allocation of efforts for fastest Catapult release. If funds will allow we will add a CTO/CEO and if possible senior devs to the team.

  2. As soon as NEM Foundation/NEM Labs can pay their developers, we will provide you and other core developers a filtered list of candidates and plans how their work can help to release Catapult. We know that screening candidate is time-consuming so we’ve got a process in place to minimize your efforts to make decisions on whom to hire, e.g., we will propose a holistic plan with teams and roles for a whole range of work and will ask for choice of priorities and candidates for specific positions. In essence, we want to allocate the whole budget to one task: almost immediately double development efforts without waiting until NEM Foundation and NEM Labs will hire developers per their plan.

  3. Before publishing this proposal, we were looking for potential team members proactively and got a process in place for finding, filtering, presenting to you, choosing and hiring them. From the moment of publishing this proposal, we are looking for individual developers and teams who are interested in helping Catapult release to give an even better choice of talent with even higher ROI. Our focus is on full-time mid/senior developers, yet we value any contributions, and highest ROI is a top priority so part-time/junior developers will also be considered, with priority to those who’ve contributed to NEM in the past.


Who? Please tell me specific all members.
Please tell me the achievement concretely.
Please specifically tell me the proponents of this proposal.


We’ve shared as much as its possible at the moment above and in this post about beginning of voting: Community Proposal POI


you still haven’t answered who is in your ‘team’?
also a list of deliverables your team has produced with links to each.

Suggestion: A proposal like this would let the community know you are much more serious/thorough in your approach, as it appears it’s somewhat thrown together.


Thank you! As NEM Foundation got first funding poriton we now are sure that our proposal will allow us to pay for additional development efforts so we’ve published an update to our initial voting post here community proposal POI vote


Let me know if it’s clear now:


Please Avoid vague expressions.