& for sale

Hey nembers,

currently I am the owner of and but as I am no longer actively maintaining it I want to ask if somebody here is interested in getting the new owner?

If you don’t want to discuss that in the public you can send me a PM.

Stay healthy!

Hi @marc0o.
Is harvesting tool still active? Is already sold?

Hi @marc0o.
I want to use the “Automated restarts of delegated harvesting” tool.
I sent an E-mail and a delegated account key, but I didn’t get a reply. Who is the owner?

Hi @CryptoBeliever,
hi @168nihoheton,

I sold the domains to @gevs and he hosts the same website as before. But the harvesting service is independent from the website and was shut down. Maybe I can find the source code on my old disk. Back then when I developed the service private GitHub repos weren’t free :smiley:

If you want to have the code you would need to host the service by yourself. Let me know if I should try to find the code.

Oh, I’m not a developer. Tool development/operation is not possible.
Were there any official announcements about tool outages?
I didn’t know.
NIS1 will remain when symbol is launched, right?

NIS1 will remain when symbol is launched

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I see :grinning:
In what language it was written @marc0o ?

it was written in java

If it’s possible please share code :slightly_smiling_face:

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