NEM Ventures Announces Investment in IoDLT


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Hello NEM / Symbol Community! We are glad to announce yet another IoDLT use case article.

In November of 2019, IoDLT wrote an article detailing the use of swarm learning, blockchain, and Axon IoT to aggregate and process relevant data.In that article, one of the primary examples features hospitals sharing new information about various diseases, successful treatment methods, and de-identified patient information.

In light of recent events surrounding the terrible Coronavirus, we elaborated on these concepts to discuss how the methods above could be used to help detect viral outbreaks before they occur using Symbol, swarm learning, and Axon.

Give it a read here!


IoDLT February Community Update

We are pleased to present our (belated, very busy times!) February update. This month, we have begun to think much more in terms of growing the business and generating revenue, along with the major refactoring of our products. This month also marks the exciting news of signing up our first client: Mobi.

Tech Progress

  • Axon’s core software had / is having a large overhaul. The state management and handshake mechanisms both got a much better redesign, which would allow for the implementation of different messages and communication protocols to be implemented (i.e Bluetooth). We are also looking into hardware security modules for the purpose of handling and securing private keys. Security, refinement, and an update mechanism are the next big focuses for Axon.

  • We are currently planning to add native Bluetooth support for Axon.

  • We are currently planning to implement TLS into Axon, where Axon will have an encrypted, secure connection to Catapult and communicate directly with the API node. Up until now, we have been using catapult-rest.

  • We wrote a NIP (NEM Improvement Proposal) for streamlining Symbol node configuration testing and development via Templates (node configuration standardization). It was accepted into nemtech as a standard for defining node configurations. This is currently being added into the symbol-cli, which you may find here. These contributions are quite significant, and we think they are crucial to the ecosystem.

  • As another R&D project, we have been looking into doing a Coronavirus tracker PoC on Symbol. If anyone is interested in contributing to such a project, please contact us for more details.

  • We are currently designing and getting a functional enclosure for Axon made.

Sales / Partnerships progress

  • We are excited and pleased to announce that we have signed a contract with Mobi to implement XEM and XYM payments into their app.

  • We have sent out emails to four drone companies to see if they would be interested in working with us to implement Symbol, based on our drone article.

Articles / PR

  • We released a new article with a shorter format, “Using The Symbol Blockchain, IODLT’s Axon, and Swarm Learning To Sniff Out The Coronavirus”, where we detailed how Symbol can be used to aggregate information about the Coronavirus, and subsequently provide an authentic source of truth. We later translated it into Japanese, which got quite a bit of attention. Taka Nobu (also known as XEMbook) was especially helpful in recommending what we should do to keep the Japanese community updated.

  • We are planning to release another article on the topic of tracking assets on the blockchain via Bluetooth low energy devices, such as the Tile. Users can be incentivized to find lost items via Bluetooth, and they are rewarded on Symbol for their actions. We plan to also contact several of these Bluetooth tracking companies to see if they wish to integrate Symbol into their products.

We are very excited about signing our first client: Mobi. We have really appreciated the help and support from NEM Ventures and the NEM Community thus far, it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. We look forward to continuing to acquire more clients in the coming months and refining Axon’s tech.

Kind regards,
IoDLT Team


Good job.

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