NEM Wallet Beta 2.4.2 - Bug bounty paid in XEM


Version 1.4.13

  • Allow sub-namespaces and mosaic names to start with a number
  • Fix secondary accounts: In occasional cases, secondary accounts private keys can start with ‘00’ but BIP32 was omitting it, giving a 62 characters private key. Those secondary accounts will fail to send anything out even if password is valid (but recoverable).
  • Update languages


Yeah, you can also deactivate the old remote account from Nano directly by providing it’s public key


New bug bounty system is posted on the website


I´m supprised. In the new Version 1.4.13 (simple Wallet) we can read " It is still recommended to use a private key generated from a NEM client (NCC). " . The NCC support has expired.
Should we change it in the next version?


Where was the document recommending the secret key of NCC?
Basically, there is a problem with using BrainWallet with NanoWallet.
In the latest NanoWallet, when using BrainWallet, you can not register unless the password has a certain degree of complexity or more.
Also, if you are using a weak password in BrainWallet, you will now get a warning.



When I start the universal client —> Sign up —> Simple Wallet .


Oh, lol
There is no problem as long as you use Simple Wallet.
I will fix this document.


Yep, but for some new user maybe it´s a bit strange with the good old NCC.


Is bounty program actual?


Is this update mandatory like the last one?



Not mandatory, no. The last one was not mandatory either.
You just won’t be able to get the benfits of the improvements, and you will be paying higher fees.


Thank you Saul.


Just a question, is it possible to open .wlt without password? if someone hacks the .wlt file they still need the password?


Yes, that is correct.


So far have not had any issues, but now I know where to post if I start getting any bugs! Great job guys!


I created a Simple wallet, though every time I log in, I receive an alert that my "brain wallet’ seems weak. Should this warning occur when using a Simple wallet or is this normal? Thanks


That sounds like a bug @Quantum_Mechanics.

Are you positive you created a simple wallet? What Nanowallet version are you using?


This alert is triggered only if the wallet is a Brain wallet.

Please try to create a new simple wallet (just for testing) and let me know if you still get the alert.


Ok, so as a sanity check, I created a Simple Wallet on Testnet and did not receive an alert. I followed this up by creating a Simple Wallet on Mainnet and have not received an alert there either. So false alarm and I suppose I did create a brain wallet originally.

I executed a transfer and purged the old wallet, no issues, thanks for the response.


i detected a bug on nano wallet beta 1.4.13
with window 7 and google chrome after a while in one node

  • when you switch of node and go to ‘‘dashboard’’ then ‘’ in confirmed’’ page a part of the screen(75%) of the page is moving or shaking.
    (While nothing moved ‘‘in unconfirmed’’ page)
    It’s a bug screen on this page.

link of the video recorded :

here my wallet for some bounty
Best regards
i can remove the video after problem sovled