NEM Wallet Beta 2.4.2 - Bug bounty paid in XEM


I have a problem with connecting my wallet to the network. It’s made in Mainnet, it’s the BrainWallet.

When I try to connect via my ip, or through other nodes, the circle shows green, but gives an error “An error ocurred while trying to fetch market information”

P.S. Port 7890 in Windows 7 I opened, but it still does not work…

How can I solve this problem?


What do the browsers use?
Is this condition continuing even now?
If possible, it will be helpful if you can check the error contents in the Javascript console of the browser.



My browser is Chrome.
Yes, this condition continuing even now.
How can I check Javascript console?


I do not have an English environment Chrome, so I will explain it probably like this in English.

Before an error occurs, select “Javascript console” under “Development / Administration” from the browser “View” menu.

The console will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

After that, do the action that causes the error, and tell me the information of the error message displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Thank you.

(I will be out for a day from now, so I can not correspond after this. I’m sorry.)


I have a question and a suggestion.

  1. Question. How many symbols in Nanowallet may be in a password (max)? 127 like NCC? And unnecessary symbols I may type but they will be cut?
  2. Suggestion. I use KeePass and drag’n’drop. But I use advanced method for input password. Password is made from some parts, the parts are inserted in definite positions (permutation cipher). For this method I need the right edge of the password to be positioned at the right edge of the input form. Always when its length larger input form. If it not hard this would be good to do. It would be a good feature of Nanowallet.


I will answer.
NCC recognizes only passwords up to 128 characters no matter what long characters are registered. However, since more characters are cut at all inputs, even if you enter up to 128 characters, you will not have problems if you enter more than 128 characters.
Also recognize all uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

The problem is when exporting this to the NanoWallet in Json format.
Since password information in json file has only 128 characters, login with NanoWallet needs to be cut with 128 characters.
I have not confirmed the maximum number of characters of NanoWallet, but I recognize more passwords than 128 characters.
We will investigate the maximum number of characters that can recognize passwords with NanoWallet, just in case.

Thank you.


Version 2.0.0 - Testnet

/!\ This is a TESTNET release, do not modify to use on Mainnet!


Experimental chrome packaged apps:

Biggest improvements are at the code level, you should notice less bugs and a better stability.


  • Use the nem-sdk
  • Trezor support
  • ShapeShift support
  • Step by step signup and account safety protocol
  • Extra entropy added to simple wallets
  • Added FAQ
  • Can show balance and market data in different currencies
  • Notification on homepage when new update available
  • Better design
  • Fixed a lot of small issues
  • Improved a lot of small things

Two features are missing:

  • Advanced apostille
  • Voting

I will work on that as soon as we release

Please report issues on Github with the [2.0] tag in title.


Just successfully logged into my Trezor wallet, great work! Been waiting for this day for awhile :smiley:

If anybody has some spare testnet XEM that I could play with please send it to:




In order to use TREZOR, TREZOR firmware version β1.6 is required.
Currently officially released firmware is 1.5.2.

Those who are to be tested must update to beta firmware of TREZOR at the individual’s responsibility.
Any loss of other currency caused by this will not be guaranteed at all.

Thank you.


Version 2.0.2 - Testnet

/!\ This is a TESTNET release, do not modify to use on Mainnet!


Experimental chrome packaged apps:


  • Fix password input showing if using trezor
  • Shows encryption fee message in fee input


  • Win64 build has problems with trezor #333

Please report issues on Github with the [2.0] tag in title.

Decoding Encrypted Messages in Nano
Wallet has been hacked. What should I do?

Not a bug but in future versions would it be difficult to allow for Enter key to submit credentials on login page in addition to the Sign In button? I use the Nano Wallet infrequent enough I always forget, hit the Enter key after password, nothing happens and I have a 1/2 sec spike of panic thinking I remembered a password wrong.



note; Trezor chrome extension and online wallet does not seem to work on older macs (10.7.5) so i think thats why its not working when i try to log in on nano wallet. On chrome book nano web wallet does not work either. the only answer is probably to get a new computer.


Version 2.0.10 (Testnet only)

  • Mainnet enabled
  • Brain Wallet creation disabled
  • Fix Trezor support
  • Minor fixes and improvements


I found a bug at 2.0.10.

Going to the delegate harvesting page will result in this message.
Also, the host does not appear in the host setting of harvesting.

If you do not select the harvesting node and hit the start harvesting button, harvesting may be active.



Please wait for a while for downloading and updating Version 2.0.10.

I will report the same to github.

I changed it to test net only at the discretion.


Version 2.0.12

  • Fix harvesting on mainnet
  • Fix new update notification


Version 2.0.13

  • Hide Trezor login button in Chrome builds

Still need to wait to use Nanowallet+TREZOR regularly?

Version 2.0.14

  • Fix brain wallet login


Will it also be possible to access a brain wallet without having to create a .wlt file in 1.4.13 first?