NEM Wallet Beta 2.4.2 - Bug bounty paid in XEM


bug 17

Create new pool with white list type.
Add your address

Login using 2nd account.
Vote --> Options tab, insert the address pool above (for ex TCZPQZOLMJRXA6VMCXGHFFNQYCDZADOOJJSS2SCS ).
Select check Box Show only polls you can vote on
Click Find

ER. empty, no results.
AR I see pool (cant vote as designed)



Go to Options tab, unselect check box, insert some address/leave it empty and click Find
Click Ongoing/Ended tab.

AR I see all pools (poi+whitelist)
EX should be some restrictions

  1. Multisignature Account can’t create Pool.


  1. Multisignature Account can’t Vote, but I see the following:




bug16-> This is fixed in the latest push to the AtrauraBlockchain fork

bug17-> The show only polls you can vote on refers to the poll List. If you search for a specific poll by address it always gets shown

bug18-> All polls are in the blockchain so there’s no point in trying to hide them

bug19-> Multisig accounts are blocked, you can’t do anything with them, if you try to send a transaction it won’t let you either. Multisig voting is done by a cosignatory account not the multisig account itself. When you log with an account that is cosignatory you will see the multisig tab on the right, and you can select from all the multisig accounts you can vote for. Although yes, the sent successfully message should not be there.


not sure if this is actually a bug, but i tried to register a namespace and i got the error “FAILURE_NAMESPACE_PROVISION_TOO_EARLY”… which suggests something wrong with the timestamp or something, but im 99% sure its because the namespace was already registered previously under another account. would be much better if the error said that its already registered, if that is indeed the cause.


I have download the new NanoWallet but can’t see the new Pool Feature.
Any one else have this problem?


If your NIS server is not running normally, the program will automatically refer to the SuperNode list and another node will be selected automatically. The appearance has not changed on the UI.



Under namespaces the german translation is missing on the right side!


@Quantum_Mechanics Can you ask someone for a German translation?


ahhh… I can do that. I already did this for the namespace part. But I saw there is more to translate… but I can finish that. How can I send you the updated version?


Here is a Translation, maybe its not perfect but it helps. :slight_smile:

Einschränkungen bei der Verwendung von Namensräumen

Namensräume haben gewisse Einschränkungen in Bezug auf die Zeichen und Länge. Ein Root-Namensraum kann eine Länge von 16 Zeichen haben, während Sub-Namensraum eine Länge von 64 Zeichen haben kann. Gültige Zeichen sind:

a, b, c, …, z, 0, 1, 2, …, 9, _ , -

Jedoch darf ein Namensraum nur mit einem Buchstaben beginnen, also ist ‘alice’ ein erlaubter Teil für einen Root-Namensraum, während ‘1alice’ nicht verwendet werden darf. Bestimmte Bezeichnungen sind reserviert und somit nicht als Namensraum erlaubt. Nicht zulässige Namensraum-Benennungen sind:

nem, user, account, org, com, biz, net, edu, mil, gov and info.

Diese Liste ist nicht endgültig und kann in Zukunft erweitert werden. So ist ‘user.alice’ oder ‘alice.user’ als NEM-Namensraum nicht erlaubt. Der Namensraum kann bis zu 3 Bereiche haben, also ‘qm.metals.silver’ ist gültig, während ‘qm.metals.silver.coin’ nicht erlaubt ist.


This is a German translation here.

If you translate another part also in German, I will reflect it.
However, this change will take effect when the next version of NanoWallet comes up.


the translation i made was from this parrt


and the hole voting-part is missing in german. I’m already on it…


@tom @cyrus_1683
Oh, the lower part is already done.
Since we will release the test version in about 5 minutes, please do not have any problem but please direct us.
If there is no problem throw the source code upstream.


Is this OK?


… während Sub-Namensräume


the last sentence is ok, but not perfect.

Beispielsweise ist ‘qm.metals.silver’ ein gültiger Namensraum, während ‘qm.metals.silver.coin’ ungültig ist.


Is this like?
I do not understand the start position well.
I am Japanese, so I do not understand it at all. lol

also ‘qm.metals.silver’ ist gültig, während ‘qm.metals.silver.coin’ nicht erlaubt ist.

Beispielsweise ist ‘qm.metals.silver’ ein gültiger Namensraum, während ‘qm.metals.silver.coin’ ungültig ist.