NEM Wallet Beta 2.4.4 - Bug bounty paid in XEM


Very probably a false positive.

I checked the files individually and nothing is detected

I guess one of the npm dependencies upgraded automatically with something triggering detection

I’ll try to get rid of that in next release.

About the matter of Apostle’s create in TREZOR.
Is this whether TREZOR is unsupported or NanoWallet is unsupported?


Version 2.3.0

  • Domain Name System module
  • Import Wallet Bankup QRcode module
  • Support voting with Trezor
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Experimental builds removed since previous Windows version had a false positive.


A brief explanation in the video, check those features out by yourselves!

Please make it possible to select the camera device used for reading the QR code.


I tested it with two cameras and there is a dropdown list to choose it. Or maybe it depends on some system settings?
Choosing the camera work only on my firefox, in chrome it’s set up by default.

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OS: MacOS HighSierra
Browser: Google Chrome 67

Firefox comes up with options to start up the camera.
In Chrome, there was no choice and the default image input device was applied.
Currently, Chrome’s default image input device is changed to handle it.
It seems that it is a matter of my Chrome setting that there is no choice.

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Anyone facing the same issue? Is it happening when the namespace is already in use?

Looks like error happens when you try renew namespace to early (it’s possible month before expiration date).

I see. I means someone has taken the same name already? I could create an another namespace under a new name after failing with one namespace’ name.

You can look at all registered namespaces here:

Also it should be available when you click Explorer in top nanowallet navigation.

Thanks. Lots of interesting Namespaces registered!

Nano Wallet Bug - 2.3.0. the wallet is not able to show the full details of transaction date and time. and also need to the show the timezone.

for the usage in business environment. the full details of date, time need to be show in full format, with time zone.

same issue also in ver2.2.0

when i try to setup sub name space and leave some space in the name, the screen shows multiple warning message.

after i moving the mouse, looks some of them is disappear. The behavior looks pretty strange.

please tell me.
If the nodes to be connected are different, the displayed importance differs.
Is this a problem with Wallet’s display?
Or is there a problem with the PC’s cache?
Or is it a node or NIS API issue?

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@GodTanu could you send address (private message if you prefer)? I will check directly with API

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Hi, pawelm, that is actually my account, and GodTanu posted the issue on behalf of me.

I’ve already checked API and here’s the screenshots.

I’d kept a few hundred thousand XEM in this account until the end of June, sent most of it to another account (2.95XEM left), and haven’t touched it since then, for more than a month.

What else info can I tell you? Do you still want the address? I appreciate your help.

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@BloodyRookie importance shouldn’t be 0? Balance is below 3 XEM.

It must be, but connecting to the sixteen nodes of Nano Wallet 2.3.2, only four nodes below are showing importance 0, other eleven showing 0.1843 (can’t connect to alice3 now.)


After transferring the xem away from the account, the importance in not immediately zero. The importance flows slowly from the source to the destination account. To analyze in detail I would need the account’s address.
@lena: you can PM me the address if you don’t want it to be public.