Nemchange has a bug

When you close the window and then 20 minutes later you Google Nemchange then hit the link, you are still logged in.
Really need to have a function that logs you out once you shut close the window.
And no I was not seeing some browser cache as I refreshed the window and VIOLA! I was still logged in.

Also why are the “asks” 100x up on the coinmarket cap price, lulz, the ask is high?

Look I may be very very incorrect but the asks are at time of writing around .2 and .3 then why does CMC say at present this:


Biggest Bug is it is totally unusable unless you want to pay 100x
Other than that it works pretty good.

Any bugs to third party apps should be reported to authors. In this case to nemchange exchange.
You have contact on main page.

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It is on the official XPX (ProximaX) website as a place to buy XPX yet if you buy at their current ask price then you will get 1 dollar of market value for every 100 dollars you spend.
I think that is worthy of some attention, especially for new comers.
It is not a bug it is simply high prices.

Then again in saying that I will send them a notification, it may well be a bug… :thinking:

Nemchange was designed because there were not many exchanges that dealt with mosaics at the time. The prices are set by the users and not bots which many other exchanges use. So this means lower volumn and you mosaic might sit there for a while before selling if it even sells al all. So the problem is the people placing the orders not the people who run the exchange. The sellers are seeing if they can make a large profit at nemchange instead of somewhere where the volumn is higher.
There are many mosaics that are not listed anywhere else but nemchange. This is the main reason they started the exchange so people had a chance to sell things or buy things that were not listed anywhere else.
Ex: din token. Comsa (nem version), and sever others.

Also nem is what is used to trade not btc or eth. So this draws some people who are sick of having to buy btc and eth every time they want to trade

Yes I also have noticed that bug but I always try to remember to log out now as a result.

1 dollar market value for 100 dollars does not and probably never will equate to an investment.
I have sent them a notification.
Yes mate I am not great at math but I do know the difference between .3 and .003.
I am suggesting those that do buy at that price are newcomers, that indeed deserve better, much better.

Well if it “was” designed for a reason then possibly people should look at what it “is” designed for.
No use advertising defunct systems without upkeep.

I am not sure if you know how nemchange works. Everything on Nemchange is nem based. You have to base the price on nem since that is what you are buying or selling it for. So you have to take the price that is listed there and multiply it by the price of nem. So the ask price is .03999 (XPX) * .092216 (Nem) = .0036794184. The buy price is .035333 – which would make the buy price .00325826793. That would be the price for Proximity on Nemchange.
That is pretty close to what is listed at on CMC


Yes I understand that.
The XPX is expressed as a fraction of XEM in USD.
Yet I am pretty sure the ask prices were .3***(XPX) × .10***(XEM).
I am pretty certain of that.

I suspect they have made changes since I sent the notification to them yesterday.
And brought it to peoples attention on Telegram four days ago.

But anyway I ended up using kryptono in the end, Which of course means I withdrew my Nem from Nemchange then converted it to BTC to buy XPX
Which is kind of a shame but anyway.

Issue is resolved.

On you have all pricess in XEM from beginning so if you have 0.0399 it means one XPX costs 0.0399 XEM.
It’s comparable what you have on coinmarketcap: (0,03341002 XEM)


Is the website down? Seems unreachable!

Ask someone from loyalcoin team.

NEMchange was rebranded but I haven’t saved the new exchange name and don’t even have time to look for the domain now. Last week when I tried to liquidate my funds they weren’t available in my balances, I am glad I had only some shitcoins there and only small amounts…

It was rebranded to but was still operational. I see that this other new exchange has also problems is loading infinitely.

Do you maybe have any contact of that loyalcoin team?