Opt In process information

Is there a simple step by step process that could be posted to the guide section?

I don’t understand the following:

-> are third party wallets compatible? Or do I need to use a specific XEM wallet to get the Symbol Airdrop in Dec post snap shot?

-> What happens to XEM post Symbol? Are those tokens essentially dead after Symbol?


For Opt-in walk throughs-please go here: https://nemplatform.com/symbol-migration/

3 party wallets aren’t supported unfortunately.

XEM stays on NIS1 after the launch of Symbol- and XYM will be on the Symbol chain. They will work side by side, so you will have both XEM and XYM.

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ok. here we go. i just opt in the nem wallet - but somehow i missed to set my namspaces - (i swear there was no such fields popped up - or did i really skipped them? :flushed:) - any possibility to set them after opt in completed?

hopefully they are not that important i guess…

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When I opt-in with my trezor I receive a Symbol seed, can I later import into a Symbol desktop wallet for example?
So I don’t need to take out the funds from the Trezor in the snapshot, since I will continue to have my XEM funds in the trezor and the new XYM where I want to load the seed … Is that correct?

Thanks a lot

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Yes, your statement is correct.


Hello, this selection is only visible if the account also rented namespaces at the time of registration(Opt-In). Are you sure the namespaces haven’t expired? The term is one year, after which it expires (NIS1). If the NS has expired and you need the NS, open a new wallet and rent it again. You can then start the opt-in process with the new wallet / account + namespaces.

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Yes. It’s correct. You can leave XEM on address generated by Trezor. For Symbol you will have generated non-Trezor seed which can be imported to Symbol desktop wallet.


Ok - so thanks for the link.

What is the hard deadline to opt in? (There’s currently just a dot “in” December)
I understand that XEM will continue to exist afterwords - but will it be maintained? Will it continue to be supported? Won’t XEM just rapidly be phased out? Can you explain the application of the old chain - along side the new one.

thank you for your help. i did not rent any namespaces before. so now its clear. i just was confused.

How many SYMBOL tokens will be issued in total ?

9 billion, exactly same as we have total of XEMs.