Pharmaceutical, Probiotic Supplements - How to Track Pharmaceuticals on NEM - IoT and NEM Use Case

Interesting, so the private chain would not contain any fees, but if the consumer decides to check the shipment they pay a small fee to get it on the public chain/view the data? I really like the idea of a small fee for the user for a possible incentivization system.

GPS is something I am looking into. I am also still researching batteries because of the reasons you stated.

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This is so cool and the discussion on details are top notch.

It seems that you have POC @crackTheCode, so what is next for

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Thank you Charlie! The future is bright, and the possibilities are endless :slight_smile:

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My node I mean some strategic central points where all packages can update together as they pass through a gateway for example.

For the fees, let’s say that each box updates every two hours for 5 days while in transit, that’s 12 xem per delivery or $2.4 or 0.5% of the market price of the 12 bottle box you suggested above. That is the important point there. How much extra revenue can these companies generate for this 0.5% increase in cost. You need to figure this out and lead with it IMO.


Leons solution seems very viable. Now you are selling a value add to suppliers for free. You could perhaps extract your revenue from the customers also.

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I’ll be doing some number crunching very soon, expect to see an article (or something like it) on the realistic feasibility of such a project. @leoinker had an absolutely splendid idea, definitely along the lines of what I was thinking.

I like the node idea, but as you said it could possibly be manipulated.

Thanks for the feedback as always!! Keeping it real :smiley:

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Endless indeed!


Right, 0 fees on private chain. This could even be an update / replacement to existing tracking systems.
To save power, the device doesn’t transmit any data until activated externally through close-proximity radio, at which point, it connects to the node at the shipping center, sends data logs as transaction on private chain, then disconnects, returning to low power mode.
Delivery personnel use hand held devices connected via mobile or satellite service for the final scan upon delivery.
When the customer makes a data request for package data, they essentially just query the private chain address associated with the package.
Could have them pay extra to receive the data encrypted on public chain. Or save money to receive it unencrypted.

Just thoughts hammered out quickly. Could take this idea larger scale or lower scale, depending how big of a bite you want to take in revolutionizing package tracking.


SMS using gsm… u d0nt ne3d intern3t

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For sure! Recently I’ve been exploring other options (I’ve a big list of sensors and connectivity modules) as far as connectivity and power, one of them being GSM. Never thought about using SMS, how do you envision that working with blockchain?

GPRS/GSM card will equally have GPS on board. I think you are really unto something serious and big. This will bring a pervasive tracking and chain of custody via route validation. SIM card will only serve the need for SMS reception and delivery. You will get SMS on message of ever 5km to dustination on any supported mobile device. There are many possibilities just choose what works for you. Block chain can do the logistics part. However, there a P2P crypto approach that can offer a lot more solution to you. May we need to talk.

This is what I see as business advantages:
1. Insurance
2. Real Time Tracking
3. Wrong user will never use the probiotics (Availability to the authorized)
4. Security alert where the box lands in wrong coordinate

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That sounds great! Appreciate your feedback! Your list perfectly captures what I want to accomplish, I’ve never considered SMS so now you are giving me more ideas :slight_smile: Keep an eye out in the next week, I’m currently working on an article with how we can use NEM and IoT to improve the healthcare system, and would love your feedback (and also some potentially cool pics of some tech semi-working :wink: ).

I will always do the needful…We will definitely lookout for your article

I have known about private chains for a long time and that they can help manage your applications “strain” on main blockchain. But what is this term “dag”?

Anyways, it would be immensely helpful if someone (who knows the insights of NEM blockchain) could create info-graphic of what kind of solutions NEM brings for different needs. Eg. “My solution produces huge amount of data, what are my options?” or “My solution produces high amount of data but only bulk of it needs to be verified on the main chain.” etc.

Also a howto document that describes how private chain can be created would be really nice. I hastily made a forum search but found no post or description how to create private chain that would interact with mainnet and/or testnet.

DAG = Directed acyclic graph, as used in DLT systems such as Hedera, IOTA, and Byteball.

Do we have any Proof of Concepts on connecting DAG chain to NEM?

ProximaX. Can connect anything to NEM with APIs.
Reason I mention DAGs as they have lots of application with IoT. Just another thing to think about, I guess.
Really I think the bigger issue is cost and reliability of devices, as well as risk factor of have tiny explosives on all these packages. (Batteries are stored chemical energy, and known to explode on occasion - especially lithium ion, to the point that there are extra regulations and restrictions applicable to postal delivery)

I do think these issues can be worked through, and a viable business built. Or at least a license-able product.

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Devices in question doesn’t use the kind batteries you have in mind.

Oh wow thanks. Haven’t read the article on how to track the meat production and don’t have any idea of how it is possiblt but gonna check it now

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