PHP NEM application framework

Hi! I’m going to create a web based game with in-game currency using NEM mosaics. Before that I was planning to create prototype, and describe whole process in blog. It will be a set of modules for standard php framework(Laravel or CodeIgniter), including user registration, an option to buy created mosaic with xem, user build-in xem/mosaic wallet, deposit and withdrawal of funds. This prototype can be used in the future to develop many nem-based services, including exchanges, ICOs, games and many others. Right now i’m looking for some incentive to do this, so do anyone know, that i can earn some bounty for such a project? Cheers!

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You can contact @jabo38, he is responsible for handing out bounties.

Have you looked at our bounties?

There is a bounty available for exactly what you are describing. Telegram is the best way to get in contact with Jeff.

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Yes, I did. And after couple of days of waiting i’ve started to thing that the whole program is outdated. But if you’re saying, that it is still open, then i’ll wait for Jeff’s response. Thanks!

The bounty program is still active.