Please stop using brain wallet! and Refund to you

Помогите пожалуйста мой кошелек взломали. NDELS32QUA2TYAZ6A5ZWMGR2GV6G5AB5MGHRQMVV

@mizunashi Не могу связаться с этим человеком. Это белый хакер он взломал мой кошелек. Помогите. Как можно решить вопрос.

Сегодня в Японии национальный праздник.
Мы ответим во вторник.

Today is a national holiday in Japan.
We will respond on Tuesday.

Поздравляю Вас. Извините не знал. Спасибо

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I’m also thinking of deactivating the multisig of vulnerable accounts just before taking a snapshot and releasing them into the wild.
The amount of work involved with opt-in would be enormous, and it would interfere with my life.

The moment they are released into the wild, they may all be hacked, but I think the problem is that they won’t come back for them.
I’ve already notified them via NEM message to come and get it.

Incidentally, it is also true that there are people who are uncooperative in processing refunds!!

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I handed out refund processing today.

To: Binance Personal Account Address

Lock Fund Transaction:


Refund Transaction:


спасибо Вам добрые люди. Дай Бог Вам здоровья

вт, 12 янв. 2021 г., 20:51 Rin MIZUNASHI via NEM Forum <>:

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I agree you should only trust people that can prove 100% without a doubt who they are. Otherwise it is almost sure they are a hacker and scammer.

On a different note, I do think that many accounts will wake up with the Symbol snapshot and optin here.


Some people who apply for refunds say that they have cancelled their registration with the exchange.
This is a very difficult task.

Can NGL take over the refund work that I am currently doing?
It is very involved and complicated, and I have personally reimbursed all the fake refunds.
It is very risky and burdensome for me to continue this work personally without compensation.

Can you please take over the work?

If the transfer is not possible, I am sorry to say that I will cancel all multisigs.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.


The hack was observed.
The address of the culprit is as follows.


In addition, I am sending hacker a tracking mosaic and a warning message.

The tracking mosaic names are as follows:




I handed out refund processing today.


Lock Fund Transaction:


Refund Transaction:


A hacker made a fund transfer.
Here is the record.


Transfer of hacked funds:

Sending a warning:

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I will be attending a training camp this week for a seminar.
I will not be at home, so I will not be able to respond to you.
I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Mar.5 - Mar.8 (GMT+9)


Hello. I need you help. My wallet was probably signed by NAZXEMKDB3IQK4NU2CX6RHIQD342W2AOKRYAAJV3.
I have createed new simple wallet. Made screen of old one.

What should I do next?

You are a Poloniex user in 2017.
Are you still able to log into Poloniex?

Вы являетесь пользователем Poloniex в 2017 году.
Ты все еще можешь войти в “Полониекс”?

Добрый день! Да я могу зайти на “Полониекс”.

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понимаю. Я свяжусь с вами к ПМ после этого.