Production Management, Bulk Orders & Supply Chain


Hi There,

it’s still difficult to fully grasp the potential of the NEM-Blockchain for me. I have been into Im & Export Business since a number of years now, and I am wondering if NEM-Blockchain could possibly add value to my clients.

How can NEM be integrated into a wholesale or production management agent’s business?

Could bulk orders such as full containers be divided by multiple buyers?

How to ensure NEM/USD exchange rate when purchasing in USD?



Have you taken a look at mosaics yet? Namespaces and Mosaics should help you do most of what you want.

As far as a NEM/USD Tether? There is not one as far as I know.


ok, thank you. I will look into mosaics and Namespaces. Is there a live demonstration?


You can use the testnet to test out Namespaces and Mosaics. You will need to ask for some testXEM in this thread: Paste you address here for beta NEM (Testnet XEM)

To join the testnet, choose “testnet” instead of “mainnet” in the wallet creation screen.


thank you for that. Should I use my regular wallet for it or should I create a test wallet? What exactely will I be able to see and do apart from what I can do with regular nano wallet?

Is what you have been refering to something that is viable for somebody without a tech-background or does it require coding skills? Like I said it’s quite difficult to grasp NEM potential if you are not familiar with coding. thx.


You will need to create a separate testnet wallet.
The benefit of testnet, is that you can experiment with creating Namespaces and Mosaics, and it will not cost you real XEM.

No coding is needed, you can create these items via Nanowallet GUI.