Public Testnet and SYMBOL Launch

Conversely, we have had some coverage on CoinTelegraph recently. See here: Alexandra is #39.

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I know that, so?
It has nothing to do with this matter.

Hi! Could you ellaborate on this part? Can the XEM tokens be exchanged for SYMBOL tokens? Or will I be granted a certain amount of SYMBOL while being able to keep my XEM tokens?

Thank you

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XEM will stay in your wallet and you will receive same amount of symbol tokens in new blockchain as you have at snapshot time.

Snapshot block and opt-in process will be announced.


It means that NEM is getting some coverage in CoinTelegraph and we are working to get more.


What’s the point beetween “Marketing in japan is light” and a cointelegraph article ?

Also, it is just a sentence of Alex that include 44 others people from differents crypto and exchange (Neo, bitfinex etc…)

And you make it like we are covered in a full article of Cointelegraph lel

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I was addressing his point about no coverage in CoinTelegraph, by sharing just one of the instances where we were covered.
Our coverage in Japan is evolving, and we aim for more.


The purpose of the talk is different. It’s not my point.
“no coverage about testnet release in CoinTelegraph”, not “no coverage in CoinTelegraph”

The new NEM Japan team is over, again and again. It is the third time. There are no official announcements yet. I don’t think NF have good coverage in Japan. If you are still covering Japan, please prove us in the near future.


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Advertisers are not limited to cointelegraphs

People who take serious interest in cryptocurrency always see other reports

I don’t care much about cointegraph because it’s popular paper

It’s okay No problem


By the way…
I’m not talking about only Cointelegraph.
I’m talking about some major media.

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Yes I understand that, and have brought up the possibility of wider coverage with our PR firm, it will be revisited again tonight on the PR call. Thanks for the comments.