Question about mosaics and XEM fees

Hello again everybody,

Still its not clear to me how much XEM would I pay when I send a mosaic. I dont want to pay more in transactions fees than for the mosaic itself, so;

Lets say I have a new mosaic called MOS. And it will be 100 MOS for 1 XEM. When I transfer 25MOS how much will that be in XEM fees ?

And also is there a formula posted somewhere I can read about?

thanks gang.

I am sorry for poor English.
The mosaic transmission fee will differ depending on the issue quantity of the mosaic and the presence or absence of the decimal point.
Especially, if it is called small business mosaic, issue quantity is 10,000 or less and there are no decimal points, no matter what mosaic you send it will be a flat fee of 0.05 XEM.
Otherwise, the total amount issued is replaced with the total issued amount of NEM, and the fee is determined to what extent the amount of mosaic to be transmitted is relative to the total issue volume.
This is the same calculation formula used for remitting XEM at NEM.

It is not the latest calculation formula of fee, please refer to 3) here.
Currently, this calculation formula × 0.05 fee will be.

Thank you for the reply, cheers.

Hi All,

Can we have a transactions without a transaction fee involved for custom services like poll etc …

Each transaction in NEM network required fees paid in XEM.
After Catapult release it should be possible to pay fees by receiver.