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Hello Nembers,

I am currently seeing a lot of 3rd party SDKs showing up for NEM out there. Also the dev diary cites for the 14th October 2016 something about research of a nodejs rest api server. Is there any new preferred of how to implement a custom application on top of the NEM blockchain?

I was simply thinking about using the org.nem.core package and some of the org.nem.ncc services, as they seem to be well tested and represent the fundamentals of the current implementation.

I also heard about the discontinuation of the NCC. Does that mean that useful code from there will be extracted to the org.nem.modules soon, or is it simply unsafe to build on top of it?

What is your favorite way/SDK to build applications on top of NEM?


Depends on the language you are using. For java, using nem.core should be the way to go.
For javascript we have the Nem Sdk and the Nem Library.


I am used to the NEM-sdk and it is ready to use for anything touching the NEM blockchain.

There is also another NodeJS nem-api package which is more centered on providing an API wrapper for the NIS API.

NEM-sdk gives a little more features packed in a higher level SDK if you will.

If you are not coding with NodeJS, but with Java, of course the nem.core package might be great to build on top but I would suggest to avoid NCC! Only use nem.core because NCC has been discontinued. (NCC is just a wallet like NanoWallet, and NCC has a specific NCC API which you shouldn’t build on top) - thats the only thing you should be aware of I would say…

There is also a c# wrapper for NEM and a Python wrapper iirc but I don’t find the links just now will look later again…

The NEM Library is build using ReactiveX in its core developed with TypeScript.

You can develop with NEM Library using TypeScript or JavaScript for Backend, Frontend and Mobile applications.

Compatible with the latest NIS version 0.6.93.


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