Redeemed the token but never got the coins


Back in 2015 makoto1337 private messaged me on bitcointalk and send me the link to redeem the token and I followed the instructions and redeemed it. He then messaged me saying that " Funds are in multisig, so we will send the XEM to you later." I never received those coins. Does anyone know what should I do ?

There’s nothing you can do. The deadline for claiming a stake is long gone. You should have followed up back in 2015. Sorry. This is one thing we could pin a thread mentioning. We’ve been getting questions similar to this lately.

I followed the instructions that was sent to me and redeemed the token and that was the only instructions sent to me. Then I followed up with another PM mentioning that it shows 0 coins in my account. That’s when he replied back saying to wait for the coins,which I never got. It feels like the devs came up with different plans to prevent most users from claiming their stake and if we did they promised the sent the coins which we never got. To be honest, its really frustrating for people who supported the vision of the NEM currency.

Here is the long explanation. Not Claiming NEMStake, Why It Is No Longer Possible and the History of the Process

Honestly while I get the call to participation part I feel (and I guess a lot of others with me) that some form of remuneration for original stakeholders would be in order. No one could have realistically expected NEM to explode like this, hoping that it happens, ofcourse. Nevertheless I feel that a lot of people that left the crypto scene for a while figured that they’d still have a shot to claim their stake later on.

I for one left the crypto-scene for about 2 years and hence missed the opportunity to claim my stake. This, despite the fact that I was one of the people that tested the alpha client of the old NIS/NCC and contributed to the trello board while NEM was still in the early stages of development. I can’t help but think that there are bound to be other that did in fact participate and contribute but missed the redemption period due to sheer unluckyness.

Because of that I think it would only be fair to discuss if there is something that can be done to create a fair solution for all parties involved.

Anyway, I’m amazed at how well NEM is doing at the moment and I’d like to give you guys a big thumbs up for all the work. I’d love to get back in to the scene and contribute anywhere I can.

If I missed out buying Apple stock, or Facebook, Google, etc. nobody is going to give me sympathy shares for my mistake. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances were and what I may have been entitled too in the past. The deadline for claiming was 2 years ago. Start taking requests and you open the floodgates for people to spam requests for old stakes that may or may not be original stakeholders and there’s no time to deal with that, anyways.

I hate to say this, but you snooze you lose. It’s really that simple. I wish I could get my lost stake back but I can’t. I snooze. I lose. You’re chances of getting XEM now for free are the same as my chances of reclaiming this lost stake… basically zero.

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The thing is though that it is not at all the same. With any other type of investment, and lets be real, it was an investment even if it was called a call to participate, you would have a guarantee where you would get what you are entitled to. Even if it has been 2 years ago.

On top of that there are those that actually did ‘participate’ and contribute but that simply missed the redemption period. Considering that the argument for not honoring original stakeholders is that they did not respond to the call to participate this kind of contradicts. Especially since just redeeming your token when it was available does not constitute participation and contribution at all.

Well if someone buys a Apple or Google stock they are in possession of that stock within few minutes, in this case it was promised that we would get our coins after redeeming the token and it wasn’t clearly explained to us even after communicating with the appropriate person involved.

How did you lost the stake? What happened?
Have you lost the private key for that account?!

I’m not happy I lost my other stake. If I still had it I’d give half to my father, half to my mother, but I don’t have it. I don’t expect anyone to magically throw another 2.25 million XEM into my lap though. That’s not going to happen.

I formatted and installed windows 10 and thought I had the private key for the second stake when I did not. Live and learn. Someone doesn’t redeem their token and waits 2 years to bring it up and expects a payout when the stake is worth a half million… live and learn.

Maybe we could have gotten a sympathy stake back when our stakes were only worth $10K or less, but not now. We both also had years to load up on more XEM if we wanted it bad enough and we didn’t.


i too agree original authorized users should get some sort of share as i invest real bitcoins to be part of the ipo, only sometime after were the changes made of redeeming at a certain time

please send me your email info to, i would like to talk to you

I have the same issue. On April 09, 2015 makoto1337 send me a private message on bitcointalk:
“Please go to (ignore the SSL warning) and enter this token to redeem your NEM stake: 0357de78130b4f4a955f32242f170b94”
I claim my stake in time of the redemption process on May 25, 2015 and wrote to makoto1337 on May 27, 2015:
“I have claimed my stake two days ago, but there are no XEM in my account NCEPTZ-WAAYRN-WNECLG-HRZASQ-MPYSH6-VRWUOM-HGLS Can you check this? mathefreak1”
kodtycoon answers my message on the same day:
“Hi, did you claim it under this username? Ie. Did you have the stake linked to this account and registered it with a token? The stakes are being distributed in batches so it might take a while to get it.”
I wrote back on May 28, 2015:
“Thanks for your message. First I have registered a wallet with my username mathefreak1. Than I have redeemed my NEM stake at with the token and my wallet address NCEPTZ-WAAYRN-WNECLG-HRZASQ-MPYSH6-VRWUOM-HGLS. Must I do anything else to link the stake with the account?
kodtycoon answers my message on the same day:
“sounds like you did everything correctly. you should just now only have to wait for it to be sent out. they are going out in small batches so im not sure when you should get it, but we are nearing the end of late redemption so it shouldnt be long.”
I wrote to him:
“Sounds good, thanks so far.”
I was in good hope, that my NEM coins are sent to my account, so I waited and as nothing happens I wrote on July, 03, 2015 to Kodtycoon:
“I haven’t get my NEM stake yet. Can you tell me the state of affairs? I am looking forward for the coins.”
Unfortunately there was no answer and so I tried it again on September 20, 2015 again to kodtycoon:
“Hi, whats the problem with my stake? I haven’t get the coins on my account yet.”
kodtycoon answers my message at this time on the same day:
“you should contact makoto, i think he dealt with stake distribution so he can help you better than i can.”
So I did and send another message to makoto1337
“Hi, I haven’t get my NEM stake yet. Can you tell me the state of affairs?”
Makoto answers on September 28, 2015:
“No one is handling NEM stakes anymore. That all finished back in July.“
On September 29, 2015 I wrote to him desperately:
“I had claimed in May my NEM stake at the presented link. Is there any chance to get the stake, otherwise it is not fair? kodtycoon wrote to me that I only have to wait.“

Unfortunately I got no answer.
Sorry for the long post, that is my unsuccessful story of claiming the XEM coins.

I’m sure I do the claiming process right and on time. So I think that someone has stolen my NEM stake. I want an answer, why my account isn’t in the nemesis block, although I claimed my stake on time. As a supporter of the beginning I am excited of the success of the new economy movement, but it’s too bad that I cannot profit personally of this success.
Thanks for your effort!


I want to know which mistake I made. Can someone of the tech team check, if the NEM stake 0357de78130b4f4a955f32242f170b94 was claimed?
Thanks so much.

I’ll check on it.

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