Remote Harvesting - 20% XYM Node Reward Kickback + 40 XYM kickback on first 50 blocks!

I spun up a node ( for my own purposes after seeing just how much of a cut nodes take for remote harvesting - 25% of the block reward!! The node is profitable from my own harvesting, so I’m more than happy to share!

Will send 20% of the node reward for each block harvested (~10 xym), and for an early adopter incentive - 40 XYM for the first 50 blocks mined by someone other than myself! Get in while the getting’s good!! I’ll be manually sending these transactions until I can get an automated solution up and running, so don’t panic if there’s a slight delay for these rewards.

I’m inclined to set aside an additional 5% of node rewards for a TBD purpose - open to ideas from harvesters!

If you’re struggling to find me in the remote harvesting list, it might not appear due to the node you’re using to access the network. Make sure you’re using the 1.0.2 wallet version and copy/paste the full address: - it should allow you to add it as a custom node.

Super excited about XYM’s future - let’s build it together!

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