Restoring IOS wallet with Private Key and has different wallet address


I am trying to restore my wallet from private keys on my iPhone, as I had switched phones and the private keys were not backed up with the changeover. When I create the new wallet from my backed up key it creates a new wallet address with 0 balance. I can still see my other wallet with the correct balance in the same app, but cannot send the NEM out the wallet because of the PK issue.
How can I access the wallet to send the NEM out? Have the private Key, just don’t know how access the same wallet address?


If you have private key creating wallet from it should give you exactly same address.
Maybe you have made some typo? Like O instead 0 or sth like this?


Can you have the same wallet open twice in the same app? As i said, I can see the wallet with correct balance, just unable to send it out because of the verification issue.
I created another account with private key and it created antother account, just with a another wallet address and a zero balance.
I was going to try and do it in the desktop Nano wallet, but cannot download as it says there server is down.


What error do you have when you sending from old wallet?



From what i can figure from research, its because i got a new phone and PK did not back up.


Did you restore wallet from iCloud or iTunes?


Yes. Just used the back up from icloud when I set up the new phone


Dont know how to restore the wallet though, just restored the app, but apparently PK are not backed up by default


Looks like you have the same issue:


Thanks for your help. I must have made a mistake in the entering of the PK, as I tried again and got the wallet to show up. Although I did get the same error message when i tried to send it.
So I tried it on a different phone, restored with the PK in NEM app and it worked from there.

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