Silvercoin/Supernode Fund

I don’t know, I understand your reasoning, but I tend to side more with @kodtycoon on this one. As much as I’d like a silver coin or whatever on my desk (am original stakeholder), I’d rather see that money put to good use by the devs, if this blockchain and all its silver coins are to be worth anything in the future.


I look forward to hearing all of the options from the original stakeholders and to come up with a best case solution. Can’t please everyone, but we can try our best to come to an equitable solution.

I have no problem with the silver coin fund being used to distribute silver coins to stakeholders… It was an interesting idea that came from a good place, and would be good publicity…

That being said, many of the initial stakeholders (like me) had their stakes ripped away. This is the root of the entire problem I have with NEM right now. How can anyone look at this fund with a straight face and decide to give it to the supernodes rather than the cheated stakeholders?

It’s unconscionable.

You are not an initial stakeholder. For you to be an initial stakeholder you have to actually have HELD a stake. Fuck sake, now I have to explain you what words mean too.

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Perhaps - and this is just a theory - it’s because superndoes are actually something that adds to nem and hence should be incentiviced, especially when Catapult come out and with it, hopefully, adoption.

Infrastructure ? Making sure not all nodes aren’t RasbPis that can’t handle even 120tx per block ?

Please don’t engage with him. Mr. Fenley, whatever you feel about the Supernode project is really not your concern. Youve proven yourself to be a mentally unstable individual time and again which is a shame as your documents had aome pertinent points in them.
That being said you cannot help but bring your long standing greivance back to yourself and now-your son-who was never old enough to claim the original stake in the first place. So you either had a sockpuppet, or set up a fraudulent account for a minor.
Step back and let the community who supports develolment and moving forward do just that, you’re threats and intimidation don’t work here.
All best,
L. Takenaka


As a original stake holder, I feel this is the best solution to meet all expectations.
This should be one option in a vote :v:

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we need ASAP VOTE

That would require the current council to facilitate the vote, and that may not happen before elections.
I agree its an important topic that meeds to be addressed.