Still need to wait to use Nanowallet+TREZOR regularly?


Hi, I am planning to use TREZOR for my Nanowallet with Windows. (Win64 build)
But I knew that Nanowallet environment with TREZOR still in testing server.
So,Do I better to wait to store my main XEM untill mainnet TREZOR’s wallet launch?

And I tried to create my test TREZOR account in Nanowallet 2.0.2, then I got an error chrome issue like his report.

Now the Testnet in maintenance or Did I something wrong to process for sign up?

Thank you.


@Kei did you also try last available version (2.0.13) from ?


@pawelm Yes, I tried the latest version (2.0.13) too.
But there is no TREZOR login button.

Here is information that Hides the button.
I don’t know that It can make the account if I change the build except chrome myself or not…


@mizunashi @Quantum_Mechanics could you answer please ?


Hmm…I found the @mizunashi 's tweet.
So, Does they now in processing to make the “New 2.0.13”?
Seems like, I should wait a little for it.

Thanks @pawelm! :slight_smile:


You can also try browser version


@pawelm I appreciate your help.
Looks the browser version also hiding the button.
I wait for next update:slight_smile:


ok :slight_smile:



Button is only hidden if using the chrome builds


@Kei I want to confirm.
I check in Universal client version and button is visible:


@Quantum_Mechanics Thank you for information! But I don’t know how to change the build. (i’m not a developer, it’s sorry.)

@pawlm I also check it with Firefox browser but the button invisible, maybe you figure out how to pop up it well.



@Quantum_Mechanics @pawelm
Sorry, It was my misread.
Yes, the button exists in Login page.
I was looking at sign up page.


wow its me.


I was confusing in that time :sweat_smile:
Well, now I confirmed that 2.0.13 Universal client works correctly as far as I did.
Transaction works well. A few times tried log-in and log-out.
It was stable.

Thanks again all!! :smile: