Symbol CLI Not able to create namespace in Testnet

When ever I trying to create a namespace in testnet using symbol-cli transaction namespace with the duration as 10000 blocks (tried with multiple block numbers), I am see the error while monitoring the network (symbol-cli monitor all --address TDRTBJ-SQWBWW-75KXWA-CR2UNP-SWPRCN-IQEHYL-DA7K) as shown below. Any idea on how we can resolve this issue:

Error Details:

Transaction error: 1D960DD392D91F91390DD67276F122DDF03135E4C6547DF9DE3157554AD32A54


New block: 125783

New block: 125784

New block: 125785

Transaction error: DDECC27B67D82432CE2E15F3B84CE00DD3B2FF89199F9E7FB029E89AB625A126


New block: 125786

Transaction error: 727622180A39CFAF090AE1FAA4D1727D3A8030B77C59EEFB93453512FB58FBCC


Hi @ksridharbabuus,

Thanks for sharing the issue! The public test network requires namespaces to have a minimum duration of 30 days. This is means that namespaces should be registered for at least 172800 blocks.

The guide available on the documentation does not reflect this information; we’ll update the duration value to be able to announce the transaction on the public testnet.

Thanks, Tried with min duration of 30 Days and it worked.