Symbol Supernode EarlyNode and Ecosystem Node Reward Programme - delay to 31/03/2021

When will Super Node rewards be activated? This is a very important issue

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No its hasn’t been distributed

And no it has not been raised an issue by any exchanges - it is a minor additional incentive, most of the rewards come from supply inflation config which has been working from block 1

Progress Update - 29 Apr 2021

An update on the remediation work.

The team had to redesign some of the communication flow between the monitoring component and the agent which is installed on the nodes. This redesign, rework and testing has taken several weeks to ensure it is done correctly.

We have been iterating through test fix cycles on internal development environments for a couple of weeks and are now ready to move wider for testing.

The solution has been live on our nodes on the new Testnet for a day or two and it is performing well. We intend to leave this to run overnight and review results.

We will expect to be opening it up for community participation on the new Testnet within the next 24-48 hours on Monday and will make a separate post with how to take part, a user guide and what to expect.

Depending how the public testing goes and levels of participation we will review it mid-end of next week with a view to fixing a final implementation date.

I would encourage anyone who intends to runs a SuperNode on Mainnet to get involved and help test the improved solution, your efforts will help the Mainnet version be ready to run for years so it is very useful to get involved if you can do please.

I expect we will post something in by the end of this week with a guide for how to get involved


The last time we started supernodes, we were testing on NEM and it was really hard to get testers to run the software, which led to bugs being found late and delays. Please all run a testnet node if you can to help test. We all want to make supernodes!


Good to read.
So what to do? Anything available or any update regarding setup instructions or step-by-step guide?

Will there be also a new symbol bootstrap release regarding
this issue or we will be able to use the current version for the testing?



So what to do? Anything available or any update regarding setup instructions or step-by-step guide?

Links etc will be included in the post opening it for testing, I’m just reviewing things just now to make sure its all there


Will there be also a new symbol bootstrap release regarding this issue or we will be able to use the current version for the testing?

A new one will be needed

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Thank you, i will translate this in spanish and post it!

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Hi, @Thies1965, @OliverM, it would be good to know which Testnetnodes are from you ?
Perhaps I have overlooked them.

Hey @garm , should be visible now. Mine is Dare-You-Test
It is up and running with the required 3Mio XYM in the account.
Found it ?

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In the meantime, the number of test nodes has risen to 121.
Nice to see.

Maybe more will participate in the next days. Would be a good question for the SN Telegram group. :face_with_monocle:

Not sure, but what was the saying … ?
From many XYMMIES also follows a great responsibility ? :smiley:

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Is the rewards program being discontinued?

The technical work was complete and tested in late Apr/early May. Last I heard, something was being looked at in the tokenomics; I’m unsure exactly what as it is after I handed it over.

I believe from answers to conversations on discord/tg that Kristy has an update coming this week as part of the document that contains 10s/100s of questions from the community.


@DaveH what will be with you? What will be your role? Will you be still around Symbol and actively working on project? :slight_smile:

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@janikjan, I gave a bit of a longer personal update a few weeks back which still applies and will do for a few months: Personal update for the community.

Short term I am focussing back at NEM Ventures and have been since late March, there is quite a bit of tidy up from the past 12-18 months; we had to leave a few things pending to focus on Symbol delivery and launch. That will take some weeks yet; audits, filings, all that type of boring stuff which just takes more time than it should, always.

In parallel, I am watching how the ecosystem develops, responds to the change in direction, what kind of changes may/may not be suitable to NEM Ventures to enable it etc and then work out if/where my energy is most useful, be that inside or outside of entities etc.

I am very much still around the ecosystem, still hold tokens etc, just operating at lower intensity for the time being, recovering from the past year and absorbing the changes the same as the everyone.


Thanks Dave.
I understand the confusion of the situation. I’m grateful to you.

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Thanks. That personal update I read already :-). But it was before that NGL and other NEM entities change, that is the reason why I asked it.
So, I hope, as you wrote you will be still around. You were one of the most important person on Symbol launch and alway provide clear informations to us :-).


You have been very honest with the community during the launch process.
I really appreciate it.

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