Symbol Testnet Reset & Release (14-Jan-2021)


Checking the website: they look to be mostly updated now (exception of some community ones as to be expected). I suspect it may have taken a moment to update

Can you give me one of the links that says 2.2.2 please? The ones I checked at random look like below:


That is from:

It may just have taken some time for caches to clear etc somewhere or you may be looking at another node(s) I haven’t checked manually, just want to validate

I saw a conversation on Public slack after posting this, looks like the rolling upgrades took a little while to go through and some of the NGL nodes needed to be upgraded with the release from last night:

Should now be fixed on the core nodes, the others will be updated shortly

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I’ve tried a lot of things, and I’ve learned something.

Node synchronization time is long (took 8 hours)
The quality of the desktop wallet is poor.
-The screen display is not real time.
-There are problems such as frequent timeouts.
-Unable to set fees (always times out if other than recommended).

-“Invalid node” is displayed when changing nodes.
In other words, the operation is unstable.

I changed the connection of my desktop wallet to my node. It showed “invalid node” several times, but after many iterations I was able to change it.

Then I had to recreate the profile.

Many of the same problems occur when the default node is not changed. I would like to see this response given a higher priority.

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Thanks @GodTanu:

Synchronisation, yes this is taking longer than it did yesterday. It is due to the number of nodes synchronising and amount of data. We are monitoring it and once the nodes all come online will rerun the synchronisations to make sure it was just a settling in problem, or not.

Desktop wallet, is struggling a little bit because of the network load while the synchronisations are happening some of the nodes are working more slowly due to the load.

I would stop testing the Wallet until the new build is released. We know the build has problems and will be frustrating. The new build is likely to be ready and tested in a few hours so should be there by the time you wake up.


Better check it out before releasing it.
If you are a professional.


Further to my reply above. An update is available on the main release thread:

On the wallet specifically:

The quality of the desktop wallet is poor.
-The screen display is not real time.
-There are problems such as frequent timeouts.
-Unable to set fees (always times out if other than recommended).

The first two issues in appear to be linked to this issue reported by Xembook which were not occurring during our testing and have only appeared since public release.

The last issue is a build issue and has been resolved.

We have taken the decision to not release the wallet build today. The timeouts/notifications etc lead to a poor user experience of the wallet and the problem is probably not the wallet directly given xembook is seeing similar without the wallet. Investigation into the underlying problem will take some more time and I will update as soon as possible.

I know this is disappointing but do not want to create further frustration or lost time by releasing it when we know it will show similar user experience as your workaround one.

I will update as soon as more information is known and want to assure people that this issue was not present in testing over the past 1 - 1.5 weeks it has shown as the network has had public nodes and upgrades applied.

I assume no NEMTus testing will happen till the wallet is out? And we again in a point where there is no information about how long can this issue resolving take time?

I will provide instructions on how to reproduce.


Thankyou this is very helpful.

We think the issue has been found and are testing it over the weekend. I will ask the team to use these steps to check it resolves this issue as well.


Correct on Nemtus testing.

The issue has been found and a resolution is in testing before releasing the fixes. At this stage I would estimate Mon/Tue for the patch


Thanks for the heads up. Wishing an easy work for the team on this one.


why it takes so slow?

Finalization is currently delayed.
I predict that there is some problem with the public testnet.

Please let me know if you have any information.


@DaveH can you please answer if there is another issue at the testnet now so the community isnt again the last who will find it out.

Please quit chatting and joking around here. It’s annoying.
Please delete all topics except those related to testnet.


Thanks @GodTanu it fell behind because there were some upgrades happening on a majority voting nodes as part of the Testnet rollout.

While that was happening they were offline and not voting. When they came back online it caught up again.

There is no ongoing issue with Finality that we are aware of, if someone notices there is though do please let us know as it will be a genuine issue


Ok, i just asked because of this NEMTus tweet.

Maybe you didnt saw it yet. (3) issue is about finalization.

Thanks, I hadn’t seen it yet (I’m a bit behind on Twitter atm) but we are in contact with NEMTus to plan the testing once the network is settled in and ready for it. It will depend on progress with the wallet + rest issues, finality and the network remaining stable while all nodes come on and sync, and of course people’s availability for running the community testing.


This issue has now been released and patched on our main servers, it is rolling out to the remaining ones as well, it should resolve this issue, please do let us know if it does not though


0.13.8 desktop wallet is testnet release or mainnet?