Trikar for NEM Foundation Council

You should ask @Mark_Price about that. I understand they wanted to build on NEM but they simply needed Catapult features so now they’re forking. Please corret me If I’m wrong here Mark.

Have you been selling / marketing / training on the catapult private chain? Have you contributed to the catapult roadmap? These are all things that could be done by a non-developer.

What projects?

That is a good question for the foundation.


Yes, yes, yes and no. Roadmap is something that has to be done in collaboration with others. Happy to work with that, weather I get the council or not.

I’m assume that even though you are super busy developing you are concern about NF partnerships and projects using NEM (private or public). A different question is which projects are good enough for you.
Scroll up to 6/22. These are my recent projects in HK. More to come!

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Sorry, I don’t mean to pick on you specifically. It seems like you have gotten a few products to build on NEM :+1:. I would just like to highlight two things where I think the foundation could improve in general: (1) lack of communication (2) poor definition of success metrics.

That’s great and these companies could be instrumental in identifying pain points and/or making feature requests. But, these successes tend to be minimized because of foundation communication breakdowns. Truth be told, this is the first time I’m hearing about most of these companies.

I know of specific cases where foundation employees have lost customers to competing chains because they lacked the technical understanding required to close the deal. I don’t know how common this is, but it happens. If you measure just “awareness”, this is a successful outcome (which of course it should not be). Treating awareness as the end is the problem, not using it as a means to the end of adoption.

I forgot to answer your ROI question, but I would say an important metric is total number of users of the core technology (private + public chains combined). While I think the public chain is important, there are certainly situations where a private chain can be used to better solve a problem.


Thanks Jaguar for your feedback. Good to see that we some policies in common regarding what NF needs to improve.


I didn’t specify in the policies, but when I’m talking about NEM channels, Website is one of them.
Our website is one of the first places newcomers, enterprises and developers visit
However NEM website is out of date, with lack and confuse a information, even you read it in Spanish or english the council members changes. I have many comments for NEM customers and developers confuse with the website. There is no info about the Bylaws, policies and other important information.

I mentioned Discord in my policy and I believe can be a better platform than Telegram. There much more options (voice channels, bots, roles configuration and interaction ) Japanese community is using Discord for example.
I think Moderation in some telegram channels is not the best and there are a cannibalization with the channels and wrong marketing strategy.
I already created a NEM discord channel. If somebody wants to contribute and help please contact me in discord as Trikar#4699. I will push this weather I’m elected or not and
I want want the NEM community in it with feedback and support.

Hi Trikar,

I agree with the website. I remember that Slack was supposed to be our main internal communications channel and we had issues with people using it - as well as Asana for project/tasks. I don’t really blame @Xpedite for this, it was passed down, but I think the rank and file refused to use it.
For example, in SEA we use Microsoft Teams, which is a completely different platform. New council should enforce or make mandatory the usage of the platform of choice. Unfortunately, I disagree that moving to yet another chat app would be helpful. We already have the tools, we just need them used effectively.



All NF has to use same tools.
Because some of us didn’t have a google mail account (was privateemail) we faced some problems with the BD group. We had to share our personal gmail accounts, sign and NDA…really messy.
Recently some accounts were taken to the Microsoft outlook (Don’t know why SEA took mine it’s not my region) but anyway I don’t mind use use word or excel or PPT but that’s not the point.
I know in China and other countries some services are censored and need VPN, but if you use a free or cheap VPN, expect some issue.
I’ve been in Mainland china with a proper VPN and I was able to use all.

BD group was abandoned because the lack of commitment of majority on that group. Same with Asana and slack.

At the end all this issues are coming because all regions are doing whatever they want. That’s why Europe was pushing one direction and SEA another and in the middle you have some regions abandoned with no budget, no support and Core devs asking what’s going on with Catapult and adoption/
There is no communication inside NF it’s messy, we don’t who is a NF employee or not, there is no internal database to ask or contact other regions. Communications and support with devs and BD is not ideal… there is no trust among some NF representatives and so on and so on.

Don’t get me wrong I agree with you on the vast majority of these points.NF desperately needs better comms and open lines of communication and Transparency! I just feel that we can use the tools we have more effectively. Of we revive Slack it can work. You’re absolutely correct in that regions just do as they please and don’t croas communicate which makes it near impossible to find things out or to relay accurate information.
I’m with you on this just think we don’t have to migrate over to another app is all.
All best,

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I can certainly help make the website better. If you do make it on the council, please get in touch with me and we can get it to where it needs to be.


Go Ricardo!

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@Trikar_Blockchain We also need to look at how and where we communicate across the different NEM Community channels, for example looking at options like Discord where we can have more flexibility in moderation and roles.

+1 for Discord ! Simply the best tool out there. Decentraland is a good example for that. They tried slack, then rocketchat, to finish with Discord and sticking to it. There is also a Discord channel that is intricated with a Telegram channel, working great (apart from quoting another platform user message but it is OK).

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I really appreciate this video endorsement for my Council Candidacy by @Inside_NEM. Either if a get elected or not I would like to see Alexandra leading NEM.


Both the post of secretary and the member of the council are the most difficult for my vote, I wish you luck and I hope that together with the team you have, you can better change the shady matters of the foundation and give them more transparency and clarity so that the members We can trust as we are doing in difficult times like now, luck Ricardo!


This weekend I was interviewed by Alexis from Latinem about how I’m planning to solve some problems in Nem Foundation.
The interview is in Spanish. I just made a transcription in English for those who doesn’t speak Spanish. Thank you.

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