Troubleshooting guide

This post will be extended over time, hopefully not only by me but others as well. It's suppused to give newcomers a guide on how to troubleshoot commong problems.

NIS needs to be booted
Create a wallet and log into it. That should boot NIS automatically.
If it's a remote NIS then you need to enable autoboot in the file named

NIS is not available
If you have been using a remote NIS check if that NIS is still available. You can do that by opening your browser and visit <ip-of-remote-nis>:7890/node/info
If you have not beeing using a remote NIS check if your local NIS is running. You can either use the same method as for a remote NIS or check the icon in the system tray.

NCC isn't accepting my password. Says a parameter is missing
Check if your wallet name contains dots or spaces. If so create a new wallet with a different name.

ERROR 699 - Maximum number of harvesters allowed on server has been reached
This means that that someone is already harvesting on the NIS you are connected to. Default limit is 1 but it can be raised by editing However raising the limit shouldn't be necessary.
Harvesting locally and delegated is harvesting with 2 different accounts so it's likely that you are already harvesting on your NIS and are trying to activate the other harvesting method.
If you're using a remote NIS that isn't hosted by you it's likely that the maximum is reached and you can't do anything about that.

I'm on a Mac and trying to update
If you are on Mac and are using an installer and trying to update, it is very important that you uninstall the previous version first.  If you messed up and didn't do this, than uninstall both versions you have in your applications menu, and then install the latest version again.

Great topic. You guys won't mind if the I or someone else from the support team copies some all all content from this thread to [url=]NEM Knowledgebase?
Have you seen our support [url=]ticketing system?

Also I would be very grateful if we could add error codes that pop up when issue is encountered.
I'm trying to make a troubleshooting repository and in it I would be very happy if all the most encountered errors are explained why they happen and how to solve them.

@Fatih: Unless you also have solutions to those problems you're in the wrong thread :slight_smile: