Unable to load nemWallet (from Community) into nanoWallet

Unable to load nemWallet (.wlt file from Community Client) into nanoWallet. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Which browser are you using? Nanowallet does not support Internet explorer and Edge. And are you using the latest Nanowallet 1.3?
If you want quick support, kindly download Telegram software and join https://t.me/nemhelpdesk. You’ll get faster assistance over there :slight_smile:
You could also join https://t.me/nemred for discussing about NEM

Did you export your wlt file? In NCC you need to export the wlt file, then you can import it to nanowallet

I have the wlt file, but for some reason it would not import into the nanoWallet. Tried to reinstall newer NCC and got error message.

See this- Exporting wallet from NCC into NanoWallet

Thanks for sending. Yet I get error message when trying to startup NCC now;

Just a tip- Try turning off your antivirus and check once. Otherwise reinstall everything. nis-ncc-0.6.87 is out recently. Update it.
Important- Backup your private keys. Save your wallet and address book before upgrading. Hold XEM securely and tightly. Don’t lose them.