[VOTE CLOSED] ORIGINS: Transparency & Trust in Textile Supply Chain NEM Community Fund Proposal


You may be right. We will definitely need some high-value POI’s to get this over the line. I’m confident in our project and team and I really hope there is enough community support to see this happen with NEM. We actually can’t afford to not change the way we consume and transparency is the first step in this process.

This is what’s going to happen if we ignore it :cold_sweat:


Bringing this back to the top, there’s less than a day left now and the project still needs the community to vote if it is going to succeed! Please, let’s vote.


I just voted YES - hope you succeed!


Thanks to everyone that voted especially the contributors on here. We’re sitting at 3.4 with 10 hours to vote so a comfortable position to be in. We will keep you updated with our progress and you can also find us at - www.originsonnem.com


Congrats from the LuxTag team! Greetings from Malaysia :hugs:


This is a very cool idea. I have always been a huge advocate for supply chain systems on the Blockchain. If this kicks off, the amount of activity on the NEM blockchain will be very cool. You have my vote!




Hi @Samantha_Jones
Only joined the NEM forum a couple days ago, so didn’t vote…
Congrats! Great project :+1:


Big Congratulations to the Origin team. Can’t wait to see this project kick off!


Congratulations Team Origins. All the best !


The Origins team will be having an online project update presentation this Thursday at 3PM New Zealand time (27/09/2018 15:00 GMT+12). Please join us to hear about the latest progress and happenings on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/122667880