[VOTE SUCCESSFUL] NEM Ventures Incorporation Proposal


Thanks @CarbonClick, apologies for the delay in replying, we have been tied up getting things ready to communicate next week on the plans and expect to be contacting various groups of people in the coming days along with what to expect, the comms will be sent directly but relevant ones will be share publicly as well.

We have appreciated all the input and thought throughout this process, as much from the guys against it as those for it, we have tried to incorporate things where possible/practical and intend to continue taking feedback over the coming weeks/months/years. Obviously the next few weeks will be very busy but we will communicate plans and progress as openly as we can.


There were three payments at once.
Are these reported at the Document?


Also,The establishment of this venture,
How will we influence our voters in the future?


Nothing to worry about, I know that those top 3 addresses are recipients of NCF projects. :slight_smile:


Hi. You should see in the message of the transactions what the purpose of them are. These are not related to nem ventures, and are simply the payment for completion of milestones for certain projects.


Hi all, we have posted an update and new thread for NEM Ventures in the Projects section given that this vote is now complete. We will post further updates there as well (we will still check in here just in case)


Feel free to contact any of us, whenever you like @GodTanu, in terms of voting and processes, we will release further detail as we get the governance models set up legally, it will take a few weeks due to the complexity of what we are dealing with but in the mean time please contact us via telegram, email or the forum with any queries.