Way To Earn Nem By Doing Things For The Community?

Hey I recently came across this crypto currency and I’m familiar with cryptos such as DASH who have masternodes like NEM. I was curious. So do they have things that reward members for doing things such as tutorials, promoting or anything else like how the DASH community has? Thank you in advance!

Yes we offer Bounties.

Can I get on board please? I did my Industrial Design Undergraduate project on making a socially conscious block currency. I think XEM is great and I can write essays and articles that don’t overwhelm the reader because I had to learn how to communicate what a blockchain is in presentations and writings for a whole year. I could explore any topic you think is necessary, adoption, the features, the underline ethos of NEM, proof of importance. I am more than eager to help.

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That is great to hear.

Take a look at the blog bounties, and let us know which one you would like to write.

Hi Saul,

I was thinking about doing a series on the social impact of the services inside the wallet, like the Apostille for notarizing and how that could potentially empower people who’s property or possessions are easily seized or stolen. Or the financial co-operation the multi-sig could be for companies or groups of individuals. I want to get some skin in the game and really show people why an ethically motivated crypto currency can change the world and not just be a store of value like Bitcoin.

I will tag Jeff @jabo38, you may also want to send him a PM, or contact him on Telegram. He is the one that would be able to approve bounties that are not already on the list.