What makes a strong community?

A community that resembles sects (twitter @0x6861746366574)?

What a bullshit. … —> @OhGodAGirl

I thought humanity was beyond that point.


For me, this is the point where I start to wonder if I should still support NEM/symbol, whatever the future may be.
We don’t need a community of people who only say yes (cult/sect).
We want to make the world a better place and then we post something like this?
That’s exactly where I would stop investing, no matter what profit beckons.
We need a community that critically questions every point of view and wants to shape the future for everyone.
The core developers decide on the technical framework, the rest should be left to the community. Unfortunately, we seem to be taking a step backwards here once again.
Decisions made by the community don’t seem to be worth much any more.
Does that bode well for the future?

It is also not clear to me why a few whales should influence the decisions of the community? Opinions, even among the whales, are far too diverse.
This private Telegram chat was actively promoted by the core developers.
I’m not sure, but that basically means they weren’t interested in the opinion of the whole community.

Good luck to all. Bye.


Hi @garm. Regarding this one you should look at latest Q&A (https://hackmd.io/@syndicate/communitylog_01) and the second question (and answer) - not sure if you already have seen it.

I’m sorry, but to me it looks more like stuffing the community into a corset.

“It goes against our core principles of transparency. We are now spending all our time in Discord.”

I’m afraid I don’t quite follow this. Transparency ?
This is not the case. This excludes all community members who are not on Discord.
Two sentences that contradict each other.

And if this is a basic principle of transparency, this chat ( TG-SN-group) should never have existed.
Seems more like the people who were in this chat are now the lepers?


If you let all decisions be made by a small group of specialists, you have a lot of expertise, but it often fails in reality.
There are good reasons, for example, to limit the term of office for certain political positions.

And if the community does not know the details, this is not the community’s fault.


All the same avatar ?
This no longer has anything to do with community. A community lives from diversity and not from uniformity.


My builtin logic analyzer fails on those two subsequent sentences.

Showing support is not uniformity.

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Transparency ? … (Erotema)
I am sorry. Then you should urgently switch off your builtin logic analyser, remove it and bring it in for repair.

As a reminder:

How would you describe a uniform avatar. (That´s not a question.)
For me, support means above all … “putting my finger in the wound”. Even if it is difficult.

NGL is operating till the end of September, if you want updates, request them.

You mean being PITA? (That’s not a question)

I can reassure you. I have already deleted my accounts on NEM slack and github.

If your around garm, please contact me.

Hey Dorian, these are my own choices / opinions that no one has to share.
I am so tired of seeing the same problems over and over again.