When catapult will realese?


Is it gonna be on time?


Im a newbie here, and i see a lot of topics about catapult, can anyone explain me what it is?


Yes, you can find out more here: https://nem.io/catapult/

It is our up and coming blockchain technology update.

Well there has been a lot of progress made in the last few months more than every based on observation.


You can check out this NEM Catapult training here

Two of the most notable features of Catapult are Aggregate transaction and cross-chain swap

The Catapult architecture can be found here


The rest of the promised roadmap release deadline is less than 40 days.

I believe NEM Foundation.
I believe Council.
I believe Jason Lee.


Thanks @GodTanu, our promise is that there will be an update with a lot of clarity by the end of Q1 (31 March 2019). We value your believe in us.

I would like to highlight this update by Jeff McDonald, (@jabo38), our interim CTO for NEM Foundation - NEM Foundation: Update on Catapult


Thanks for the links! I also wanted to know more about this new technology.


Thank you for the reply! I finally understood what is catapult:)


The remaining 32 days until the roadmap release deadline!
I am looking forward to it!

It is OK even if you release it today!


What’s catapult? Please, explain :slight_smile:


It’s like a NEM 2.0.
The function is greatly enhanced.

Please All see here


I also pay attention to this topic. It is important for NEM.


Got it, thanks


There is a brief update on Catapult here:




I am expecting to be announced on ”Nemesis Day”.


I guess during the Q1 of 2019


tic tac tic tac … 3 days !!! heheheh


Right here!




2019 Q2 Catapult Pre-Test Codename: Dragon


2019 Q3 Catapult Testnet Codename: Elephant


2019 late Q3 - early Q4 Catapult Public Release


2019 Q4 Catapult Post- Launch