XYM Delegated Harvesting: Activation in process

Hi all,
quick question: How long does it take for an account to get activated?

A friend of mine initated via Symbol Desktop delegated harvesting for an account-. This was over 48 hours ago but the account still shows “Activation in Progress” under “Harvesting status”.

As far as I remember, for XEM it took roughly 24 hours.

What do I miss here?


Hi Thies,

I had exactly the same problem - maybe is this issue related to situation, where main account Importance is 0%. Hard to say … in any case, I did these steps ::

  1. Stop Harvesting
  2. Try to “Link all keys” with my node again - which wasn’t so easy, as I wasn’t able to input my node URL/IP into “Node URL” row. I had to patiently select some another node (from the List of 35 available nodes), which knows IP of my node, and then it was possible to input my node in the “Node URL” row (something is really broken in 1.0.0 version of Symbol Wallet :frowning: ).
  3. Wait for the transaction, pay for another transaction (yeah, it’s not extremely cheap process, as each operation costs ~ 0.5-1XYM) for “Activating”.
  4. Voilla, now I see, that my Harvesting status is “green” (Active).

I’m curios, how often I’ll be able to harvest a block - I have 0 “Blocks made / fee collected” till now, but I did that re-activation process (as I described above) just while ago, so … we will see.

I hope it will be useful for you as well…good luck!


Well, thank you @KloNEM, did not thought that repeating the activation of delegated harvesting would solve the problem.

Maybe that should be documented somewhere that activating delegated harvesting requires 2 times the registration. Weird though, but happy it works now.

Harvesting view will be improved in next releases.

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Thank you @CryptoBeliever .
Another qick question, when will a newly set-up SuperNode be visible in the list of SuperNodes within the Desktop-Wallet ?

Well found the answer in the very good article of @spizzerb: