XYM remittance is not reflected

Since I am a beginner, I am in trouble because there are many things I do not understand.
I sent XYM from the symbol wallet to Bitrure on 4/16, but it has not been reflected in the balance yet.
I made a copy of the remittance address and tag and entered it without fail.

I have also contacted Bitrure, but have not yet responded.
I’m not sure even if I check the blockchain explorer of symbol.
Does that mean that the fees are too low to process yet?
Could anyone help me?

Transaction is confirmed. You also added memo (291018741). If it’s correct then it should be credited. Problem on Bitrue side. You have wait for their answer.

Thank you for your reply. I will wait for a while. What should I do if Bitrure doesn’t contact me after a few days?

Only Bitrue can investigate here. You need to wait.

Thank you very much.
Wait for Bitrure’s reply.
Do these problems occur frequently?

I think they may have some issues with integration.

It was reflected in the balance today. Thank you for your help.

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