1 1/2 years of frustration please help

Hello guys. I am an avid crypto lover with a huge percentage of winning predictions. But I have a thorn in my foot, I have always wanted NEM and never been able to buy it. For at least 18 months, I have wanted NEM, but it seems to demand more sophistication in SOMETHING than I have. Now Nem is showing life.

Could somebody walk me through this? I belong to other exchanges and have been online since 93, so I am not stupid. Something always trips me up. But now my desire to own this coin is strengthening. I do not hold you responsible for anything I may do with help getting to finally being able to purchase the COIN and would have something nice on a personal level for anyone who helps me over this bump,

Thank You

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HI David, welcome to the club: D

I am pleased that you are interested in “NEM”, but at the same time I do not understand the problem you are describing.

What exactly is the problem with purchasing? is it technical or geographic restriction?

It’s actually very easy, just to make sure you get all the help: again links to the stock exchanges where “NEM” or XEM is listed.

XEM is the correct name for the currency on the Nem Nis1 blockchain and the coin you want to buy.

But I would also like to point out that all ingredients of a fraud can be found in your post. Someone with this level of experience should have no problem getting the desired result. But since I don’t want to assume anything to you, I wish you good luck with your acquisition and welcome to the NEM community.