10 XYM bonus per block on my node

Hello everybody,
I’d like having more harvesters on my node so I came with an offer: during the whole month of May you’ll get 10 additional XYM for every block you harvest on my node:

My node is running on a Dell PowerEdge R440 server, hosted in a top tier datcenter, has a great uptime and is constanty monitored.

Happy harvesting everybody!


Just link to you for harvesting but just a heads up each time I try harvesting it stays at “Activation in process” never activates. Thanks

Are you using latest version of the desktop wallet?
Do you have more than 10k XYM and importance > 0?

Using iPhone wallet. Yes, over 10K XYM

Mobile wallets have bugs, I guess you need to set one of this hosts as your main connettivity node to be able to harvest on my node:

ok, I will work on it. Thank you

I wrote “during the whole month of May” but I see people are already moving to my node and succesfully harvesting, so I decided to start paying bonuses just now.
This is the first one:

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We are doing great: 150 XYM in bonuses already distributed in 3 days!

There’s still room for more harvesters.

I love the smell of blocks in the morning.

Schermata a 2021-04-25 09-05-41

12 blocks harvestd in the last 24 hours!

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I tried to connect one of the wallets to the node, everything is fine, but as usual after “keys are linked” I click on “request harvesting”, enter the password and see the same inscription as on most other nodes "an error happened, please try again ".
Are you out of slots or am I just a loser?
I use the latest wallet 1.02 for Windows, the balance is more than 10k, of course

There are lots of free slots, I really don’t know what the problem could be.

Please, try again. If it fails DM me your address.

I managed to connect only once, on the day of release. After 3 weeks, there were still 0 mined blocks and I decided to change the node, since people wrote about dozens of mined blocks, having a balance several times less than mine, but since then I have not been able to connect to any node for several weeks. With the new version of the wallet, at least there is no need to spend on commissions when changing a node, but nevertheless the problem has not disappeared - I cannot start harvesting on any of the nodes.
By the way, the first time I was able to pick up a node from the fifth time too

the problem is solved, it turns out it was necessary to update the remote and vrf public keys, after which everything worked. True, I will now stay on the node of the person who helped me, I hope no offense (:


Happy harvesting, may the god of blocks be with you!

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Hey Rigel, saw your post on my thread - kudos on the harvester kickbacks! I first saw it someone post about kickbacks on twitter and was already planning on running a node for my own harvesting. Have much uptake so far? Are you manually monitoring blocks and managing payouts? I was working on building a program to identify harvest blocks, fees, harvester, and queue up payouts but ran into some snags getting all the details I needed… If I do get it up and running, happy to open source it :slight_smile:

LOVING these block rewards!! Blows NEM harvesting out of the water - soooo much more incentive to hold. Stocked up with these low prices, can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Good luck and happy harvesting :slight_smile:


Hey @OGNemster ,

I have it semi-automated because I don’t want to place my private key in a script.

What my script does is:

  • search for “successfully harvested block” in catapult_serverXXXX.log
  • exclude blocks harvested by my account
  • wait for the block to be finalized
  • query API for the block and verify it has my account as beneficiary (this step is needed because sometimes a block is orphaned and replaced by another one)
  • group blocks by harvester so I send just one transaction with all the rewards to each one.

Happy harvesting to you!

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@rigel - Thank you for sharing this!!

I was considering having an intermediary wallet for automation that I would periodically fund, though even so I’m a bit concerned about storing a private key (obviously encrypted but with scripted decryption) in a script… Was looking to group transactions much like you for bulk send - nice stuff!

You have the benefit of direct access to your node; I’m trying to work from APIs at present, which is proving rather difficult. XYM addresses in API responses don’t match the standard base32 addresses, and I can’t readily find a way to translate it back… I’d rather not go through all the work of working out the address from the public key - would be ideal if the API provided usable addresses in responses or a way to convert them… Working in Python, perhaps a catalyst to get familiar with Java…

Consider open-sourcing your code - less for my sake and more for the broader community… There are only so many examples of XYM coding on Github, and encouraging nodes to share rewards helps incentivize folks to hold & harvest! That said, with rewards like this, holding shouldn’t take much encouragement! Given your registration date, you were clearly around back in the early days when we HAD to run an NIS node for NCC! Must be loving these block rewards as much as I am - been years since I’ve seen a block reward over 10 XEM!

@OGNemster My code is just a quick and dirty bash script.

I use CLI — Symbol Documentation for public key → address conversion and jq for JSON manipulation.

REMOTEADDRESS=`symbol-cli converter publicKeyToAddress -n MAIN_NET -p $REMOTEPUBLICKEY | tr -d -`
PUBLICKEY=`wget -q -O-$REMOTEADDRESS | jq -r .account.supplementalPublicKeys.linked.publicKey`
ADDRESS=`symbol-cli converter publicKeyToAddress -n MAIN_NET -p $PUBLICKEY | tr -d -`

You can find better developers than me in NEM Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/nem2/shared_invite/zt-km50fzxd-I8dPNrPEV6cqYVrhyLvrfA

Is it 135 XYM per block reward?

The minimum reward for remote harvesters of a block is about 134 XYM, it can be bigger if there are transaction in the block.
If you harvest on my node you’ll get 10 additional XYM per harvested block.