10000 XYM giveaway!

Starting from block 323000 (early morning of July the 7th in UTC timezone) I’ll be donating 25 XYM to the harvester of each block that meets these criterias:

  1. The block contains at least one transaction.
  2. The feeMultiplier of the block is no bigger than 10.

Payouts will came from the address NA6HAUL3ACYOFRYCTVZFBRKCYGYMMPJXUINGWQY once the block reaches finality.
Payout transactions will have a feeMultiplier of 10 to stimulate the generation of blocks with that feeMultiplier, so these may take time to be confirmed.
Giveaway will terminate when account NA6HAUL3ACYOFRYCTVZFBRKCYGYMMPJXUINGWQY runs out of funds.

How to qualify if you are a delegator

Verify in Symbol Node List that the node you are delegating to has a minFeeMultiplier (最小手数料係数 column) no bigger than 10.
If not, ask the node owner to modify this parameter before block 323000. If he doesn’t, move to a different node who already did it.

What to do if you are a node owner.

Change minFeeMultiplier to 10 (or less) and transactionSelectionStrategy to oldest in your node custom settings.

Please, consider topping up address NA6HAUL3ACYOFRYCTVZFBRKCYGYMMPJXUINGWQY to make the giveaway last longer.


I have already customized my node 4xym.de. nice event. Who is looking for a node with low minFeeMultiplier is welcome: https://4xym.de


I has delegated in your node. :joy:

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My nodes on domain symbol-mainnet-harvesting.com also support your idea. Anyone who wants to switch are welcome ) All nodes are hosted on stable and fast servers.

Hey @Pandamonster looks like your nodes still have minFeeMultiplier 100, they need an update too.

Update instructions are here: Maintaining a Symbol Node — Symbol Documentation
Before doing it, please, add these two lines to your custom settings (the guide calls it custom-presets.yml but it can have any name):

minFeeMultiplier: 10
transactionSelectionStrategy: oldest

People in NEM Slack can help you if you encounter any problem updating.

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Thank you!!!



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Already some of the node owners seem planning to update the node setting to minFeeMultiplier: 10、transactionSelectionStrategy: oldest after seeing this thread!
This event is encouraging people to take actions!! Cool! :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:


This is great initiative.

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I want everybody to understand that setting minFeeMultiplier to 10 in a node does not ensure that all blocks generated by this node will have feeMultiplier 10, it depends on the pending transactions too.

You can check Fee Multiplier and Total Transactions in Symbol explorer:

Set uped for 01-node.symbolplatform.network node.
Join up to my node, CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, NVMe SSD (Software-RAID 1), 1 Gbit/s bandwidth.

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Thank you to @vistar and the others who contributed to financing the giveaway.

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This will make a lot of nodes unique.
And a lot of people will enjoy the harvest.

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It’s happening now:

Very nice idea to promote the diversity of the Symbol nodes. I am planning to use low fee multiplier nodes to lower the total cost of my ShizuiNet, a traceability solution for regenerative medicine. I am testing the system by sending 10000 shizuinet transactions with 0.0022XYMs slowly but steadily. So, most of the blocks with fee multiplier = 10 will include some of my transactions with messages like “2021-07-08 04:12:10>testtooth11>test00004128”. I am hoping this experimental trial will reach to the goal with success.

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I deposited 10100 xym in Symbol Wallet Desktop.
I tried to Harvesting but I got error message like belows
“Your account cannot start delegated harvestiong while improtance is equal to 0”
How can I raise my importance?
Please help me.

You have to wait max 12h for recalculation of importance after depositing coins.

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