11 from TOP 13 harvesters addresses on the testnet are started from the same letters


I do believe that all this account was created by the same person and with the same password. Why:

  1. this is testnet and this is top of the harvesters. Who else need maintain testnet except founders/developers?
  2. As I understand password is used somehow in the process of private key and then address generation.

So am I right? And do you believe that this is ok to have such strong dependencies that could be recognised even visually? (I’m not sure how to use this knowledge yet, but I’m trying to)


@BloodyRookie guilty :smiley:


You are right, those TALICE… accounts are devs accounts. The testnet has only few accounts in the nemesis block. Dependency on the devs isn’t dangerous for testnet imo or do you disagree?


I’m not sure that it’s really dangerous have strong/unique passwords on testnet (but who care? It will be funny to get access for this huge accounts even on testnet), it’s a bit dangerous to have such dependencies in the names for users with the same password. This probably could be used to get access to addresses without even any bruteforce (??)… Looks like to answer this I should review paragraph with address generation from your tech doc once again…


What do you mean with “same password”? Those accounts are not brain wallets. Each account has its own private key.


hm… but how it’s possible that 23 account on nemesis block starts with the same “talic” characters? How this addresses was generated?


I wrote a little vanity address generator back then. I searches for private keys which give a certain address pattern like “TALICE…”. I let it run for quite some time and it found many private keys which result in such an address :slight_smile:
@gimre and óther people have published vanity generators. You can search the forum for the key word “Vanity”. Example for such a post is