24h volume and price

Not intending to jinx things. But seeing highest 24 hour volume so far this year of $25M+ over past few days. Also seeing higher highs and higher lows. Hopefully this could be the start of something positive. Fingers crossed.:crossed_fingers:


But most of the volume is pure fiction. Take away junk like exrates and it ain’t pretty. Same goes for most coins though.

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Exactly! I believe that it’s a new beginning for something great!

Don’t think that something positive will happen until the summer, but let’s hope

It’s going to consolidate until around May/June before next long term rises.

Yeah let’s stay tuned and hope for the positive things to happen!

With CBOE futures also finalising their last BTC contracts in June this should mean positive momentum for BTC. As soon as the CBOE futures contract started last Dec 2017, BTC was at a peak, then came down.

When there’s confidence in the market, fewer people will sell and hold. Thus resulting in limited supply and price increases. This is what happened in the run up to the Winter 2017/18 peak.

Gradual price increases, instilling confidence in investors, then hodling, then media frenzy, then fomo, then new ATHs. With the upcoming BTC halving block reward in May next year to 6.25 BTC’s this should make things very interesting, leading up to the halving and medium term after the halving.