5 Myths about Crypto Market Manipulation

Because of the whales, crypto markets are unique
Whales are to blame for big losses that small investors suffer.
Whales control the market
Whales know more about the market than smaller investors.
Regulation will solve the problem


Interesting points.
Of course whales are not the issue with small investors, it is of course the small investors themselves that often lack a plan or knowledge to make money work.
I am one myself, I have made a few glaring mistakes while entering the world of crypto currencey.

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Great read!

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it is also known that cryptocurrencies are no longer the domain of online rebels, but it is invested by powerful financial institutions, banks, and big businesses.


as in 2021 more and more people study and trade cryptocurrency, some myths are losing their relevance and new ones appear :grinning:

Huh the world is such a peacful place, full of empathy and philantropes, reach people are ready to share with theirs money with you. There are no black entities at all. Crypto is not a financial pyramide…

Get real. This is fu.in jungle.

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