500 Nodes + Performance Test

Please if needed consider not to move the snapshot date but the launch, and then faster the team will bring this info to massess then better. at this point any NEM community I am wisiting is talking about the delay. With those uncertainties this whole thing only hurts people who witnessing the 3 delay on xym, and also people investmants. The snapshot block was announced already and team asked to help with echanges supporting the optin and airdrip. I as one of the community wrote and talkied with 8 exchanges and finally those decided to supoort it we are at a point of moving dates again. Please as the community did its part with helping to reach echanges be kind as team and at least dont move the snapshot and stay behind your words. Especially if there is no need to move snapshot but the launch.


take a snapshot at the stated time. Distribute the symbol as soon as the network is started. Stop manipulating the price of XEM.


I agree that it would be great to make a clear statement about the snapshot date. Right now the situation looks strange to both the community and new investors. We can postpone Mainnet launch, but we can’t postpone the snapshot, because so many investors and exchanges are involved in this event. It’s a matter of NEM/Symbol reputation.


sounds like a plan.

Snapshot 14th Jan.
Launch Mainnet : around July.

enough time to clean up possible errors. Enough time to prepare a campaign. In the best case, less covid.

Jesus… not again


Exactly a statement is needed. Playing with peoples emotions is the last thing to do.

Given this thread seems to have descended into a less than constructive exchange in some places, I have posted a separate update thread here

I will address a couple of specific comments in the thread:

@Graf_de accusations or insinuations of price manipulation are inaccurate and I will put down to frustration but let’s try and maintain a mutual level of respect if we want to have a conversation.

You yourself wrote that the test network works exactly as planned, but for some reason you start to dramatize and come up with scenarios and non-existent ideals that are one today and another tomorrow.

I wrote the opposite, in my original post and follow up items. Testnet right now is not functional, it initially passed the test for the target 100tps, the subsequent one was failed and left the network in a faulty state, that is not an issue that anyone would want to occur on Mainnet. It is not a hypothetical issue, it is one that has actually occurred and would be reproducible on Mainnet. @g_shumway and @owon sum this up concisely and correctly above as well.


Have you thought about updating the product through a phased hard fork?

Yes, and this is a scenario that will definitely be used for post launch releases, it was tested with the most recent Testnet patch. However in this scenario we are talking about an issue that could leave Mainnet in a faulty state, not a feature release. That stress test was the final hurdle and based on past tests, it was expected to pass. We are working through why it didn’t and how to ensure it does next time.

@tolya @Stinghe_Dorian @g_shumway @Dima_zverev85

Please if needed consider not to move the snapshot date but the launch

As per the comments further up on this thread IF that scenario is necessary due to a delay, a vote is likely the best way to resolve this one. I think I stated it quite clearly in a couple of earlier comments. However for the avoidance of doubt - if a delay is announced, a PoI vote will be held to decide on whether snapshot should move with launch or stay where it is. It is a decision for everyone and not a small group.



I would like to clarify right away that I, like you, have great sympathy and respect for NEM / Symbol and for those who are building it, and in my message there were no accusations of anyone, but there was constructive and not groundless criticism. With your awareness, you see the situation from one angle, and in order to understand why after the latest happenings with the project, ensued criticism from community, you need to try to look at the situation from the perspective of the community and its level of awareness. As well as those people who, based on the statements and promises of the NEM team renewing every year, make certain financial decisions.

When for community was told that we are working hard on the Catapult and it is about to appear, and then the deadlines are shifted by 1, 2, 5 years. We find out that one or the other team was not effective, and serious funding was allocated for them, and there was no finished product. Next, we find out that NEM Foundation has become practically bankrupt and that the project is awaiting restructuring.

Next, rebranding and a new attempt to roll out a ready-made promising product, but again something goes wrong and again the in air smells of a postponed start. Do not forget that in parallel with the development and preparation for the start, some people are making financial decisions, which, in connection with the latest happenings, entail cut-off deposit - 40% and this can be not the end.

Based on the foregoing, involuntarily go through various options in your head, flowing in the form of messages with criticism in relation to what is happening. And as you can see, the reasons for the appearance of such not very pleasant thoughts for all of us are taken not just out of thin air, but are based on a real story around the project. I hope I was able to shed some light on the perspective from which we observe what is happening around the project.

I think you understand about what a high level of loyalty, respect and love for NEM / Symbol we are talking about, since after so many years we stayed together and conduct a constructive dialogue.

Ultimately, we all want NEM / Symbol to be a successful and demanded project that meets the needs of its target audience. At the same time, I would like to wish the whole NEM / Symbol team good luck, so that everything will work out for us.


yeah… sad but true is that i dont see people wanting to postpone the snapshot, but if team is coming to us in end with an vote, you know what will be decided before the vote end.

Hi @Dave, thanks for the info.
Nevertheless, it is often not a good idea to operate nodes for a test network in such a one-sided way (AWS).

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