7 billion people in the world

And only 20 or so of them post here regularly.
Why is the forum so quiet?


Quietness begets quietness. The Telegram channels are featured more prominently on the website and there’s more action to be found there as well.

I did expect this place to be far more lively after all this time but it is better than it was. Since there’s no mining, no ICO and no ‘bounties’ that cancels out 80-90% of the usual noise automatically.

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Which content do you expect to see in the forum? How do you think this could change?

There are different topics like programming, investing, project ideas and so on. The dev community is still little, hard to create content if we are just a few developers.

I did expect this place to be far more lively after all this time but it is better than it was. Since there’s no mining, no ICO and no ‘bounties’ that cancels out 80-90% of the usual noise automatically.

I agree. I prefer don’t have noise of that type, instead content of quality and looking for the good of the technology.


I think it’s become very much the official repository of lofty discussion and proclamations rather than the place you can have a natter. I’m not sure if that was the original intention.

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i dont see that but if you think, start posting the real deal.

On the other hand, I see people having initiatives, which it’s great, but we don’t find a good way to collaborate.

I see similar initiatives that if those could put the effort together in one initiative, we can create a better thing in NEM. Instead, people prefer to do it on their own. We’re not good team players :sweat:

In the dev side, we have some examples.

As NEM Foundation, we aim to do the SDKs for all languages. Currently, we have Java/Kotlin/Scala, Typescript/Javascript & C#. The next SDKs will be PHP, Go, Ruby, Python and Swift, but we aren’t getting support for doing them from the community, instead, there are some initiatives that want to do the same in their own. A waste of resources and time.

From NEM Dev Community there are some other examples:

  • Apostille Library: A library to create Apostilles without requiring NEM NanoWallet.
  • Voting Library: A library that implements the voting module of NEM NanoWallet.
  • QR Library: A library to create QR Codes for invoicing for example.

Each of those libraries is made by NEM Dev community, it requires time and help from other nem members, but I don’t see other people helping.

I’m disappointed to the lack of collaboration/contribution we have in NEM, and I would like to know why we, NEM in general, are failing in this case.

Today, I published nem2-asset-identifier library post to help others have an example of library and do some nem2 library by themselves. That’s one step to help newcomers find resources to base their work. But it’s not enough.


I have often advertised in telegram for the forum, but unsuccessful. In addition, most Foundation employees use chat for whatever reason. There are usually only the same people write. The forum is also similar.

Yes, I’m pushing hard to move everything to GitHub and Forum. The information in Telegram is lost in a day, I see the similar questions happening again and again just because we don’t publish the info here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Well, I guess we’ll just have to allow signature campaigns like Bitcointalk here and then we’ll have all the Google translate zombies we’ll ever want. Can’t wait.

This forum is not a dedicated developers forum.
I am not a programmer yet I can see that resources and information regarding Nem development appear to be willy nilly all over the place.
I added a suggestion to the google form and have dropped many hints in the past that this might be needed.
I know this forum has a “technical” catagory and a “guides” catagory, but really that is pretty basic compared to a dedicated development site.

You’re right, this is not developers only forum. The forum is for everything related to NEM, sorry if I shared a different idea.

Because my area is development, I focus on this one :slight_smile:


Everything that is important in relation to nem should always be published here. Community is tiny at the moment.

No I am in agreement with you.
It’s true Telegram is a joke for storing resources or sharing development tips.
All the information gets promptly scrolled away amongst a million posts of “when 1$” memes.

I am not so sure that it is that tiny.
I see people from all over the world searching for development resources on this site and on Telegram (when I used to use Telegram).

It is tiny right now. rejoin telegram no big deal.

I have appeared :slight_smile: I am pretty active on telegram but will frequent this forum more often.


When you said you guys are not getting support from the community with the SDK, who are you pointing? I mean you said “ there are some initiatives that want to do the same in their own. A waste of time of resources and time’.
I’m not a developer and I though dev community, specially nem community help each othes. What’s the benefit for those guys for doing that SDK by their own and don’t work together?
How we can help and promote the collaboration with you guys?

True to my word, I have created a post about cross-chain txs. feel free to check it out in the technical part of the forum :smiley:


It looks good too, very easy to read a nicely set out.