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Hi everyone, I have noticed with joy that since December, a variety of projects with and around Nem / Xem have emerged.
Personally, I would like to have a small page that summarizes these projects together and documents their progress. Like this forum or as an extra part.
I personally lack the skill and the time to take care of it. This forum is already very overloaded and many small details are overlooked.
I hope that the idea will please and eventuel the foundation itself created something like that.
It would be beneficial for marketing and for which the other topics in the forum are not interested.

Should something already exist as described above please send me a link, I already know the nem.blog and nem.news.

Thank you


The current forum structure does create a space for all proposals, however a simple user flow of current project statuses and their status would be beneficial to the community to increase engagement

Everything I write is my personal opinion. This is formed by my experiences and what I observe. So you should not share my opinion is there in the first place, no problem for me and secondly, therefore, not really assessable.

I am of the opinion that either the technical support or the projects have to get out of this forum.

The projects should be out, so only the projects that were already presented to the nem community and were approved by this synonymous. We are not talking about Project Proposals, they stay in there and are only introduced to the core community. We continue to vote after five days and so on.

All projects that have already been approved then land on the extra site where we can follow their development. New investors can get an idea of ​​applications that are being developed or are already under development.

Honestly, I have personally lost interest in the forum for quite a while. 50% of the time people who are mostly guilty of their own fault and very rarely due to technical errors have hacked their accounts or lost transactions on the stock exchange XEM. This is literally the first thing I read when I come in.

Here at this point I would like to align my great thanks to @mizunashi and @CryptoBeliever for the great work. Everybody should.

I have a client background and I deal with many people every day. Most are overwhelmed with even the smallest things. If I want to inform myself about the things I did not want to search I would like to have a presentation.


this is well done, and yes i know they got hacked but that is not the point.

Well, those are the reasons for my wish that are also the reasons why I do not organize a NEM101 in Munich despite request. This do it yourself mentality is not conducive.

Thank you

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I have removed the tech support category from the homepage of this forum. I think that will help

Also, viewing the projects in this category view, seems to be what you are looking for no?



Many thanks for the quick implementation I think that these small steps can already be enough.

I would be glad if you would consider an extra project page in the near future. but just right for

to point 2. no project proposl I know and find it myself. no I meant an extra website for the already funded and approved project. as eth has built up for his apps. interested users can see how far the application or the project is. I would completely outsource this on its own. that’s my idea.

Also, that would be interesting for investors who have no further interest in the forum but are purely oriented to invstmen and want to observe the ecosystem. so to speak as presentaionsplatform.

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I see, yes that is a good idea. If I have time in the next month, I would like to put something like that together.


I am glad to hear that you dedicate yourself to the matter. If I can help with the concept, let me know. Unfortunately, I have no coding background and can not help with the creation. I am also willing to spend some 100 xem snacks for work ;). Let me know if I can do something.
and thanks again.

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