A software developer or a company needed

Hi guys!
I’m new to the forum. And I have quite a riddle right away.
The thing is my start-up needs a mobile app for further growing and reaching new grounds. Could you recommend me some IT company or developer you personally worked with to consult and discuss terms and all the related issues?
Please, share only personal experience.

Should this app have something in common with NEM blockchain? Or you simple looking for mobile app devs ? If the second one I believe this is not best place to search :wink:

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I agree with @CryptoBeliever

Anyways if incase your app does indeed have something in common with the NEM blockchain I would be interested in developing this for you…
Feel free to email me the details to andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com

Best Wishes,


Hi @LoganV!
I would be glad to work on your project. Could you share the general plan for your app, where it aims, and what functions it should execute?
And I’m sure we will figure out what you need to do next.
I work with an experienced team with over 4 years of launching successful projects.


Before creating new topic, try checking google first,
For people like you there is already a full guide https://vironit.com/how-to-hire-an-app-developer/
You welcome

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I am highly interested to work over the project for you. Can you please reach me at below mentioned details. I will share more details of mine over an email.

Skype: cisin.karen

Em-ail : karen.cis10@gmail.com

Reply Awaited.

Where are your based and how are things working out so far? hope you have a few good connections through this forum!