About backup of iPhone wallet

Things that I think private.

First of all, Android mobile applications can not recover unless you back up your private key.
You will be prompted to back up these when you create the wallet.

And the iPhone has the same behavior.

Make a backup of your private key to the last. This is displayed as a request.
And there is no guarantee so far.

Immediately after depositing, if you drop the smartphone and break it, that money will not come back twice.
Therefore, when creating a wallet, it is displayed to back up your private key.

It is iCloud backup and iTunes backup which are many problems recently.
This feature has not been introduced for backup purposes.
It is positioned as a special way of thinking to eliminate backups or to relieve those who did not follow the backup request.
In other words, it is aimed at relief as to whether it can somehow help in emergency.

For this reason, it is not possible to complain about this because you can not get back from backup using the iPhone iOS features, since it was originally not guaranteed.

Certainly, the initial release of iPhone Wallet did not display a message prompting to back up, but it is supposed to come out after that.

Although I am looking at from a general user’s perspective, I am afraid that I am afraid to put money into a wallet without backing up my private key.

The first content I want to tell is as follows.

  • For general people, I want you to do backups before doing it.

  • I think that the creator of the application should devise a way to take backup even if somehow.

Second content

iCloud, iTunes backup is what you are asking as you might be able to rescue.
If this works with backup of the iPhone Mobile application, the following items will be added to the explanation.

  • Please make setting to save keychain backup to iCloud
  • Be sure to check the encryption checkbox for iTunes backup.

Originally, I do not think that to rely on it, so it is natural that this explanation also does not start.

It is a part of the possibility that it may be useful if the secret key backed up is lost due to some kind of mistake, so making this content a problem is wrong.
The problem is, “Did you back up the private key?” It is only here.

What do you think? I would like to hear constructive opinions.

Thank you.

User should make private key backup for sure. It should be first thing after create wallet.
@mizunashi have you device with Android?
A) On my phone (Android) when I create wallet (version 1.0.71) is no warning about create backup. Warning should be presented each time when user creates wallet.
B) There is no confirmation before wallet removal. IMO confirmation is necessary there.

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sorry what is IMO?

Android is a specification that gives attention advise during initial installation.
I am withdrawing the remarks because I was currently using a newer version than that.
“Android warns you to save the secret key when using the application.”

IMO = In my opinion. Sorry.
Android wallet warns you after installation? I’m asking because if someone install wallet and don’t use it long for sure don’t remember this warning. For example I don’t remember :slight_smile:
Second thing is when you remove wallet should be confirmation. We have some cases when user did it by mistake.

Currently, the latest version of Andorid mobile wallet that is distributed in general.
After installation, this screen will appear.
I am sorry at the display of Japanese.

· We do not take responsibility whatever happens with the use of this.
· Please manage the private key with the responsibility of the user and use it properly after backup.

I understood understanding of notes and backing up the secret key.
It is set to be unavailable unless you press OK after checking this.

Yeap. But once user accept terms it never again shows up. I can image situation when user accept it, turn off app and after week he can forget about doing backup. But this is only my suggestion.

Well, the content that I wanted to talk about here is that the function of iOS is not backup.

Although the talk spreads out, I will answer that question.
Both the iPhone & Android Wallet will display a message to back up the private key at the time of creation and for a certain period of time, regardless of whether there is a backup.
This is the next version.

About this, I write here.

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No matter what data that you want to backup for iPhone , just move data to computer or other phone device , the backup files can be finished .

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