About Catapult version number



On November 2nd, the Bison update of Catapult (version 0.2) was released

This is a problem, a marketing problem, nobody want to test a 0.2 version. How can we sell NEM if the version is 0.2? companies normally waits to 1.1 version or more.

Even at the beginning of computing, the first software versions put a high number to pretend they were stable. From Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WordPerfect):

The first version of WordPerfect for the IBM PC was released the day after Thanksgiving, 1982. It was sold as “WordPerfect 2.20”

So, if Catapult is Mijin v2, Bison must be 2.2 version, or at least, Catapult Cow should be version 2.3.