About Improvement of NEM Mobile Wallet

Is it possible to display multisig icon on mobile wallet?
If it can not be realized, face-to-face transactions risk seller, because in case of to use the multisig transaction is possibility of being canceled.

Please wait until you comfirm instead of unconfirm. If you confirm, the signature of the multi-sig account side is surely done.

Further things to watch out for is that there is a risk of being canceled even in the confirmed state.
It does not matter whether it is multi-sig or not.

At the exchanges, we try to prevent such accidents by increasing the number of confirmations.
In the case of shops etc., there is also a time problem, so it is more reasonable to require multiple confirmations when the amount is large.

If you look at about 10confirms, it is almost certain that you are almost remittered.

However, according to the specification of NEM, 360 confirms (about 6 hours) is required to absolutely determine that remittance processing is completed.

Thank you.