About NEM wallet. Help me

Nice to meet you.
I am a Japanese XEM user.

Please help me

I accidentally made a multisig configuration in the NEM wallet and made the signer’s address wrong.

It can not be deleted because it has been set to at least one person.

I am in trouble when I can not do anything


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Could you provide your address? I will check. Do you know who are owners of addresses you added?

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Thank you for your reply.

The account has been temporarily suspended for some reason.

Is the address now a multisig address?

Or is it the address of the signer?

Also, the signer has created and deleted himself.

Not sure from your relation what happens exactly :slight_smile:
Please give the address of converted to multisig account.

It is an error to put your address here.

What should I do?

I get an address error.

What should I do?

Paste error


Thank you for your reply.

Is the address an address that can not do anything?

Or is it the address of the signer?

The added address is probably something you created yourself and deleted it.

Please give your wallet address. You can send me in private message if you have some problems include here from some reason.

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It was put somehow

Thank you.

As I can see you added:
As a cosigner. Because this address is only cosigner it has now full control over all funds in NAIMD6DLBR2DLIOZG4RMT62QXEZ5UL53WXDYLH45.
Only way to take control back is contact with owner of NDH6DVWZUMSI4HEZAFTKAVN6MMIXSGTVQE3RHOAF. Do you know owner?

Thank you for your reply.

I deleted it with my account.
I forgot to keep the secret key.

Well… If you created and no longer have access to cosigner account then you can consider your all funds on multisig account as lost.
Only cosigner is able init transaction. Multisig account is in such case useless.

Please make sure you don’t have on disk somewhere private key or wlt file for cosigner account.

My thanks to CryptoBeliever; for no reason I can see, it worked and I have my wallet with Trezor. However, I can’t find how to get my Receiving address in the wallet. There is a send button, but no Receive one.

Your address is visible when you click Account in top right corner.